Wendy-Lynn McClean, Founder of intrico.io, Introduces ‘The First 100 Days’: A Groundbreaking Roadmap for Seamless Job Transition

After 20 years of leading innovative product efforts for tech giants, product management leader Wendy-Lynn McClean is bringing her proven leadership playbook to PMs embarking on new roles with the launch of “The First 100 Days” program.

Designed for mid-career and senior product managers, “The First 100 Days” offers vital support for what is often considered the most crucial period for leadership success: the initial three months in a new role. Drawing from her experience coaching over 2,500 product professionals, Wendy-Lynn has developed a curriculum that’s much more than just a guided coaching experience—it’s a deep dive into the art of navigating complex product landscapes, uniting stakeholders, and firmly establishing oneself as a credible leader right from the start.

“Having a structured approach is the key differentiator between an average first impression and a great one when entering any new role, especially in fast-paced product environments,” says Wendy-Lynn, intrico.io‘s Founder and one of Silicon Valley’s top product talent whisperers.

“This program removes all the guesswork, so PMs new to a role or company can focus on building trust, demonstrating their abilities, and setting themselves up for that all-important promotion 12-18 months down the line.”

“Waiting for Day 1 of a new job is already too late,” states Wendy-Lynn. “I’ve designed ‘The First 100 Days’ to start 10 days before even stepping into the office.” The program consists of a blend of resources, including weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions, and kicks off with a “Pre-Work” session 10 days before the job even begins. During this meeting, Wendy-Lynn helps her clients identify both their strengths and weaknesses, as well as strategize ways to manage up.

In the first few weeks, the program zeroes in on helping participants get their bearings. Wendy-Lynn offers coaching that’s tailored to meet each participant’s individual needs. “The first week usually goes smoothly. It’s the following weeks where the real challenges start,” she explains. A critical part of this early stage involves understanding a manager’s style and untangling the often intricate processes of the company. Equally important is the emphasis on proactive communication. “Given that over 80% of a product manager’s role involves communication, it’s crucial to start building trust from the get-go,” Wendy-Lynn advises.

As the days advance to the 31-60 day range in a new position,  “Every day is exhausting,” Wendy-Lynn observes. “You still haven’t figured out how to navigate the company’s politics and processes.” During this period, clients meet with her every other week to tackle these challenges head-on.

Days 61 to 90 see the product manager becoming more settled, but as Wendy-Lynn puts it, “Most product managers are still mentally exhausted daily because most things still have a high cognitive load.” During this period, discussions around promotion paths begin to crystallize. “If you want to invest in the company long-term, you need to have a conversation about upward mobility while it’s still early,” she emphasizes.

Beyond the 90-day mark, the program shifts to accommodate the individual’s needs, recognizing that everyone’s journey is different. “Some people like investing in themselves,” Wendy-Lynn notes. “Others find they want more time before re-engaging in coaching.”

Early participants already credit The First 100 Days’ step-by-step support for helping them find their voice as leaders months faster than their peers. The program has also proven valuable for hiring managers hoping to boost team retention and advancement rates.

While tailored for senior PMs, The First 100 Days reflects intrico.io’s broader mission of moving the needle on product talent development across the tech landscape. Wendy-Lynn points to best-in-class training tools like this being vital for correcting representation gaps in product leadership.

“Bringing diverse thoughts and experiences into product management is key,” Wendy-Lynn states. “My aim is to help talented individuals not just enter these roles, but excel in them.”

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