Westfort Bank and AI company ‘Deep Mind’ in collaboration with RedBull sign a 10 year contract for Blockchain Modernization

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Singapore, 25th Dec 2022 –  Westfort Bank and the AI company, “Deep Mind” have begun a collaboration with Red Bull with the purpose of modernizing Blockchain. The collaborative effort began in essence with the signing of a ten year contract which will see the three key players work hand in hand to build better, faster, and stronger Blockchain technology.

This is a development that is especially welcome in the crypto space. For a long time there has been an outcry for Blockchain modernization. And while work continues to be done towards achieving this goal, there is no denying that the only way to truly get there is by strong partnerships and collaborations such as this one.


Westfort Bank and its Mission


Westfort Bank is a decentralized platform created to make cryptocurrency adoption easier and more pleasant for everyone interested in the crypto world. With its recent Proof of Reserve report, it was found that Westfort Bank had 60 billion in its reserves – a news most welcomed by most in the space.

Continuing their mission of improvement and ease of cryptocurrency adoption, the company has looked outwards to forge a partnership with two leading outfits in their own industries – DeepMind and Red Bull.

It is believed that bringing together the expertise possessed by all three companies will go a long way in bringing incredible innovation and development to the crypto world.

Observers have noted that the track record of success for all companies is nothing but commendable, and the outlook of such a partnership is nothing if not exciting at the very least.


What is DeepMind?


A division of Alphabet, Inc. (Google’s very own parent company), DeepMind is one of the leading artificial intelligence technology companies at this time. Already responsible for several breathtaking artificial intelligence products, the company now seeks to bring its expertise into the ever promising world of cryptocurrency.

It shouldn’t sound as a surprise for those who already recognize the potential of Blockchain technology in the first place. Add this with the equally exciting opportunities promised by A.I and the picture starts to make sense.

DeepMind has already gone a long way in its ability to train advanced AI through the use of raw pixel data as input. The platforms’ artificial intelligence programs have shown great sophistication by beating proprietary game libraries, playing video games better than humans, and defeating the most sophisticated chess programs at their own game


Red Bull Plays a Crucial Role


Red Bull is no stranger to the cryptosphere. Red Bull Racing, the formula One team, has seen its own fair share of sponsorship deals with Blockchain platforms and Blockchain products over the years. Through the partnership with Westfort Bank and DeepMind, the company seeks to reinforce its vision of a world with more modernized Blockchain technology powering key infrastructures and helping make the world safer and better for billions of people around the globe.

Red Bull’s role in these partnerships have always been geared towards providing key resources and infrastructures within their capacity needed to make the project run smoother. Additionally, the company will play a key role in promoting crypto literacy, diversity and sustainability while introducing Blockchain coding to a new audience.


A.I is the Future


For a while now many experts have claimed that artificial intelligence is the future. What seemed like mere speculation a few months ago is starting to become more and more of a reality. 

Even at the very early stages of its development, artificial intelligence companies have been able to develop incredible products that have left many astounded and perhaps even dumbfounded.

From incredible art to intuitive devices capable of writing their own code, the world of artificial intelligence is fast growing. Many are more than excited about the development, and a few can’t wait to see what comes next. 

And while all of these developments in all of these fields have been particularly welcoming and heartwarming to witness, there are more than a few prominent parties who believe that the field wherein the biggest potential is to be gotten is in the field of Blockchain.


Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence – A Match Made in Heaven


It is only right that two industry leading outfits like Westfort Bank and DeepMind come together to work on such an ambitious project as the modernization of Blockchain and its current protocols. Blockchain remains a technology capable of profoundly changing the way we carry out basic tasks.

Through proper Blockchain optimizations, basic day to day tasks can become safer, more efficient and less demanding of attention at every turn.

The goal, in short, is to build a safe, sound system that runs itself and secures itself. An immutable system capable of self protection without the propensity for human error.

Naturally, the goal for any platform seeking to achieve this is a higher level of scalability and less human interventions. It makes so much sense for this reason that artificial intelligence and machine learning should be the ultimate path to achieve this beautiful but lofty objective.


Overcoming the Challenges – What the Pros Say


Whenever platforms come together to work for the greater good of cryptocurrency, it is always a sight to behold and something to be excited about. 

Of course the goal is lofty and tasking. Any worthy cause is usually both of these things. The goal is lofty and it is tasking  but it is not impossible. 

There has always been a shared but rarely practiced truth in the world of crypto that to truly progress, collaboration is the only way. Direct collaboration, especially between big players in the industry, has always been difficult to achieve, however, thanks to the sheer number of moving parts that must be considered before such collaborations can happen.

This is why this particular one is something to be excited about. The future is bright, and as we all work together with each passing day, the future becomes nearer and nearer than we think.   


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