Which should you choose between Socks5 proxy and VPN?

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United States, 8th Nov 2022, King NewsWire, SOCKS is a proxy server, and works similarly to a VPN. The proxy server is much faster than a VPN. The main difference is that the proxy server isn’t encrypted. The data is still hidden and secure though, but the only part that is encrypted is the initial access to the proxy server. It is recommended to use SOCKS5 for better security. 

Best uses for SOCKS5 proxy servers:

  • More bandwidth required
  • Torrenting or using peer-to-peer services (for faster speed)
  • Hiding location
  • Bypassing geographic or content blocking
  • Improved security over regular proxies

Best uses for a VPN:

  • Secure web browsing
  • Torrenting or using peer-to-peer services (when more encryption and security is desired)
  • Getting past firewalls
  • Bypassing geographic or content blocking
  • Better privacy protections than SOCKS5


Based on the above features, recommend a Socks5 proxy that can perfectly replace the 911 s5: Pia s5.

The recommended reasons are as follows:

  • 50 million+ premium residential IPs
  • Country, state, city, ISP and ZIP location, IP choose
  • Easy third party software/script integration such as Chrome, Firefox, fingerprint browsers, emulators, etc.
  • Fast IP+port setup
  • 180+ countries/regions worldwide
  • No complicated process, easy for beginners to get started


Pia S5 offers unparalleled security and speed to shop, surf the web and conduct competitor research in complete anonymity.


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