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Zahid Ahmed Revealed his Secret of Non-Surgical Hair System That Is Undetectable and Made Of Natural Human Hair

Lahore, Pakistan, 25th Jun 2022, King NewsWire, Zahid Ahmed, a famous TV actor, opted for a hair replacement system, a non-surgical hair loss solution from Hair Club. It is unnoticeable and made of natural human hair, directly imported from the USA. It is a safe resort to hair transplants. Zahid Ahmed revealed this secret in a TVC ad that he uses a hair system provided by Hair Club which is totally undetectable and appear as100% natural looking hair.

Hair Club holds a certain prestige in the field of hair restoration surgeries. HCI offers remarkable service. Their service is so comprehensive that hair replacement wearers who purchased their unit from somewhere else turn to HCI for styling and maintenance. Medical professionals for years have referred their clients to HCI. 

Why non-surgical hair treatment?

Typically, when a man enters his thirties and forties, he starts to notice his hair loss. Hair replacement system is the non-surgical hair loss solution alternative. They are safe alternatives to hair transplants.

Hair Club Pakistan is offering the best non-surgical hair treatment in Pakistan. They have experts who will guide and treat you. The non-surgical hair system for men can be done with original or artificial hair in the shape of wigs or patches. Sometimes, the process will be like placing a whole scalp patch on the bald spot. This treatment is appropriate for those who don’t want to get a surgical procedure, can’t bear the expense of a hair transplant or are suffering from diseases. 

Hair Products in Pakistan:

Hair Club International has brought valuable hair products to Pakistan. It provides range of products to its customers. Some of them are;

Swiss Lace Hair:

It is the ideal solution to receding hairline. It is adjustable and soft. The Swiss lace hair units supplied by Hair Club International are that of excellent quality. It is considered the most undetectable lace hair system. The hair units are available in a considerable number of colors so that you can match them to your natural color effectively. 

Q6 hair:

This hair unit system is one of the well-known methods of non-surgical hair treatment methods. Q6 hair units are easy and useful solutions to the balding areas on your head. The Q6 hair patch price is quite economical as well. 

Icon hair: 

Icon hair is also a famous method of non-surgical hair replacement. It has high demand in Pakistan. Hair Club International is among the top suppliers of icon hair and has an extensive list of satisfied customers. This system has a translucent base with unseen stitched patterns that expands its lifetime.

MGM hair:

This hair system is another non-surgical treatment. MGM is a pure French lace hair replacement procedure. It is very lightweight and undetectable wig.

Hair Club International offers a number of non-surgical hair transplant methods. It depends on the personal needs of the individuals to choose which hair unit system to use. HCI has tens of thousands of satisfied customers who are happy with their choice.

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