Zhara Nilsson the new model of Dayor Agency

Indian shores, Florida, United States, 16th Nov 2022, King NewsWire, Until recently, the job of an influencer or content creator might have seemed absurd and it was difficult to understand the nuances of what was becoming the new job of the future.

Today we know that the passion and dedication of these people working through social channels and web marketing can sell billions of products at any given time, moving the global economy.

This is well known by those who believe in the dreams and hopes of these people who, armed with cameras and videos, are able to lend their face and image for great brands and even great causes, moving the consciences of billions of viewers.

Dayor Agency, the world’s leading marketing agency for talent and digital content creation, promotion, communication and monetization strategies, knows this well. 

What Dayor does every day, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, feels like a miracle. Its team, which boasts highly experienced global leaders, constantly works to help both influencers and aspiring influencers discover and achieve their goals through the powerful tool of social media, guiding them step by step to make their voices heard.

Dayor is dedicated to helping young “rising stars” become who they want to be, to live their dream, by fostering a vast network of influencers to create lasting and profitable partnerships. In this way, earnings and visibility are not just limited to promoting posts or managing DMs, but become something bigger, constantly monitored and refined from time to time, based on the needs and desires of the audience.

It is no coincidence that some of the most influential social personalities of our time have turned to the U.S. agency.

Indeed, it recently became known that Zhara Nilsson herself, the beautiful Scandinavian model, has signed with the agency.

But who is Zhara Nilsson?

Born on February 24, 1994, Zhara grew up with her parents and siblings in the town of Sundsvall, Sweden. As a child, she looked like she was going to be a singer, given her singing skills and great passion for singing, but then, during her high school years, she got hooked and approached the world of fashion. Fashion became her great passion and, after completing her studies, she became a model in London.

A true “self made woman” who was able to build and shine her image, putting her face to several fashion, make-up, lingerie, sports and health brands including Lounge, Just Hype Womens, Cartel Label, Zueva, Versace, Benjamin Berner, Ann Summers.

Today Zhara, with 1.2 million followers on Instagram and nearly 80,000 followers on TikTok, is a social media celebrity and is currently an ambassador for Band Energy, one of the world’s most popular energy drinks. In her heart is so much passion for the Swedish national soccer team that she has become one of the most invisible sexy fans on social media.

Zhara Nilsson chose to rely on Dayor Agency, the excellence in web marketing, reliability and professionalism.

Now we just have to wait and see what will happen.

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