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30-year-old Brazilian Recognized as a Successful Entrepreneur in International Logistics and Supply Chain

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Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, 5th Oct 2022, King NewsWire, Helio Lourenco da Cruz is a 30-year-old Brazilian social media star with a degree in International Relations and post-graduates in International Logistics and Supply Chain. He is currently an expert in International Logistics/Business and Comex.

The Young Brazilian businessman, Helio Lourenco da Cruz, has been making headlines throughout Latin America due to his ability to work with a wide range of clientele. He’s valued for specializing in foreign affairs and for his ability to speak fluently not only English and Spanish, but also Italian, Portuguese, and more. When working with so many different cultures, the potential for miscommunication is much higher than it might be otherwise. As such, it’s hard to find a single person who can work well with so many different groups at once—but that’s just what The Young Brazilian successful entrepreneur, Helio Lourenco da Cruz does.

In his time working with international business development, he has dealt with imports and exports of various goods ranging from luxury cars to wind power towers, backhoes, and more. He provides international consultancy to importers and exporters, assists them in developing their businesses abroad, and is responsible for ensuring all their shipments are delivered on time, without incident, and at the right price.

Helio Lourenco da Cruz has been working as a trade lane manager at an international logistics business and commodity exchange for over 11 years. As an international logistics and business developer, he has been instrumental in developing partnerships between American and Brazilian companies to create a robust relationship between the two countries. He has worked closely with Brazilian clients to build their export strategies to serve American and worldwide customers better. In addition to his trade lane management duties, Helio has also developed relationships with many of the best American suppliers in his area, which helps exporters in Brazil to find quality goods at competitive prices. His ability to understand his customer’s needs and develop cost-effective solutions for them has made him a well-respected member of the team at International Logistics business and comex.

“We believe that Helio Lourenco has excellent knowledge and understanding of international business development, as he has been involved in the industry for over 11 years. He is a strong asset to any business, and will make any company’s logistics run smoothly.” one of the clients stated.

About Helio Lourenco da Cruz

Helio Lourenco da Cruz, 30 years old, has 11 years of experience in Foreign Trade, International Relations, and International Logistics. He’s also a social media star with fifteen thousand followers and millions of transactions. Helio Lourenco da Cruz is a Brazilian entrepreneur who consults importers and exporters with thousands of outstanding shipments such as luxury cars, wind power towers, backhoes, etc. 

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Media Contact

Organization: Helio Junior

Contact Person: International Business of Logistics and Transports and development



City: Recife

State: Pernambuco

Country: Brazil

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