Yahoo Finance + AP News Press Release

Yahoo Finance + AP News Press Release

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YAHOO FINANCE and APNEWS Press Release Guidelines

Grow your business with APNews Press releases and Yahoo News, Yahoo money, and Yahoo Finance Press release. We will publish your business story on APNews (Associated Press) and Yahoo. It will Increase your Brand Awareness, Gain Media Coverage, Reach New audiences, and gain instant authority to your Website.

The following are some of the guidelines that you should consider prior to Submit the APNews and Yahoo press release.

  • An attractive headline must include a reference to the announcement made in the press release.
  • For distribution, the Yahoo press release must contain important information.
  • The PR shall not be of poor quality since it will be rejected without reluctance.
  • The press release must include all of the brand’s authentic contact details.
  • Correct use of keywords to improve search engine optimization.
  • Personal information/bios, as well as personal viewpoints, shall not be included in the press release. It should also not contain any plot lines that promote hate, violence, racism or any other harmful behavior to a company or a person.
  • There should be no narrative that tries to discredit a company’s or individual’s product or services.
  • Sexually explicit storylines are not encouraged on Yahoo and APNews Press Release. It also does not tolerate any form of profanity.
  • The purpose of yahoo press releases is to make announcements; therefore, it’s essential to mention announcement-related information in the first paragraph of the PR.
  • Press Release should always be in the third person voice.
  • There can be no “piggybacking” or comparisons to other CryptoAssets.
  • There can be no advice or investment opinion stated in the press releases.
  • A verifiable contact person and corresponding contact information needs to be provided with every press release.

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