Acclaimed Author and Therapist Diane Calabrese Honored at International Impact Book Awards

Diane Calabrese’s books receive top honors at the International Impact Book Awards, reflecting her expertise in holistic therapy and self-help literature.

United States, 7th Jul 2024 – Diane Calabrese Receives Prestigious Honors for Literary Excellence: Diane Calabrese, an accomplished author, holistic therapist, and adjunct professor at Florida International University, has recently been honored at the International Impact Book Awards. Her four critically acclaimed books, “Mind, Body, Spirit and Discovering the Purpose of Life,” “Meditations for the Mind-Body-Spirit,” “God Loves Sea Animals too; Poetry for Inspiration,” and “He is Watching,” have garnered significant recognition for their profound contributions to the self-help and holistic health literature. Diane will be attending the prestigious red carpet Gala event on November 2, 2024, in Phoenix, Arizona.

An Expert’s Journey: From Recreational Therapy to Literary Achievement

Diane Calabrese’s impressive career began with a Bachelor of Science in therapeutic recreation from Saint Joseph’s College and a Master of Science in health care policy and management from Stony Brook University. Her extensive experience includes over thirty years as a recreational therapist across various settings such as hospitals, nonprofit agencies, public schools, and universities. Diane’s tenure in higher education has included significant contributions as an adjunct professor at Florida International University, where she has taught holistic therapy courses since 2014.

Books that Inspire: A Collection of Wisdom and Healing

Diane’s books are celebrated for their insightful and practical advice on achieving balance and fulfillment in life. Her first book, “Mind, Body, Spirit and Discovering the Purpose of Life,” offers profound quotes and teachings, such as:

  • Be responsible for your own happiness.
  • Be still and silent at the time of most distress.
  • Recognize the simplest ways of living are the most peaceful.
  • Live your life without regret and live it as if it were the last.
  • Be optimistic and think positive.

These principles resonate with readers seeking to enhance their personal well-being and find deeper meaning in their lives.

Holistic Therapy and Education: Diane’s Unique Approach

Diane’s unique blend of professional expertise and holistic practices sets her apart in her field. As a professor, she incorporates her literary works into her curriculum, enriching the educational experience for her students. Courses such as the Reiki Lab and Aromatherapy Lab at Florida International University reflect her commitment to holistic health practices. Additionally, Diane offers an aromatherapy course available to the public through the Udemy Virtual E-Learning platform, making her teachings accessible to a broader audience.

Affiliations and Contributions to Holistic Health

Beyond her writing and teaching, Diane is actively involved with wellness platforms like and These affiliations with well-known organizations for holistic health-care practices underscore her dedication to promoting well-being. As a contributing writer for the Journal of Modern Healing—Integrative Pain Healers Alliance and a member of the Long Island Authors Group since 2023, Diane continues to influence the field of holistic health.

Upcoming Celebrations and Future Endeavors

The upcoming International Impact Book Awards Gala will celebrate Diane’s achievements and provide a platform for her to share her insights with a wider audience. This recognition is a testament to her expertise and the impact of her work in both the literary and therapeutic communities.

About Diane Calabrese

Diane Calabrese is an award-winning author, holistic therapist, and adjunct professor at Florida International University. With over thirty years of experience as a recreational therapist and a strong academic background, Diane has dedicated her career to promoting holistic health and personal well-being. Her books and courses reflect her commitment to helping individuals achieve balance and fulfillment in their lives.

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