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AEV Charging solution is a true embodiment of modernity, quality and convenience.

Austria, 26th Jul 2022, King NewsWire, AEV Charging cares about the clients’ convenience, which is why we focus in our product line on the most popular home charger. We strive to achieve three main goals in developing a home charger: user-friendly design, ease of use, and device functionality. Our results do not leave our partners and customers indifferent. For example, our results impressed Ionity (electrical vehicel (EV) charging network).

Ionity has ensured the rapid growth of its network by solving problems of installing private chargers for EV owners who do not live in private homes and have to coordinate the installation of new equipment with administrations of parking lots or office centers or apartment buildings.

In a joint white label project between AEV Charging and Ionity, the latest model of AC charger for EV called NOIR was introduced to the market.

Ionity praised our product: ”We have been looking for a long time for a solution that will be a true embodiment of modernity, quality and convenience.”

According to AEV Charging co-founder and CEO Eugene Arutyunyan this charging station is ideal for home use. The modern case will fit perfectly into any architectural design of your home. The case is available in plastic and metal, easy to install and maintain.

NOIR has passed all possible tests and is IP44 rated and IP65 rated for the electronic modules. In three movements, the charger is ready to use. With rich functionality, the equipment is easy to use, even a child can cope without problems.

The stylish black case, quality construction, modern controller and affordability make NOIR the perfect home charging station for your electric vehicle.

In addition, we provide the ability to connect each NOIR to a convenient billing system using OCPP 1.6/2.0 protocols, and customers can create their own network of chargers around the world, making additional profit from its operation.

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