Auckland Florist makes flower delivery more sustainable

New Zealand, 29th Jun 2024 – A local Auckland florist, The Wild Rose, has discovered a new packaging solution that provides a way for the floristry industry to deliver beautiful flowers, but do it more sustainably.

Florists traditionally use a non-biodegradable plastic cello to wrap their flowers. The Wild Rose uses cellophane, which is made from readily renewable cellulose, sourced from responsibly managed plantations – fully biodegradable and home compostable – after it has helped protect and keep the flowers looking beautiful. This compares to the traditional non-biodegradable plastic cello which typically ends up in landfill.

In addition to using home compostable cellulose wrap, The Wild Rose has also swapped out bleached white tissue for a small piece of wool that is used to give the flower stems a source of water. Wool is 100% biodegradable, home compostable and sustainable.

The reason is that this wool is highly absorbent and can hold around 40% of its weight in water which flowers can then drink as they travel to customers across New Zealand.

The wool used would otherwise be a waste product and using it in this way saves it from going to landfill. It is ‘non-textile grade’ wool that commonly comes from the belly of sheep bred for meat and is cleaned with soap and hot water.

These new innovative steps that The Wild Rose discovered provides an improved sustainable offer and is a continuation of steps the Auckland Florist has already taken to be environmentally friendly.

The Wild Rose grows most of its own foliage and many of the flowers from its own flower farm. This provides better value for the customer, but picked daily, its flowers are fresh and naturally full of fragrance. They aren’t sprayed, you can thrust your nose into them to inhale the fragrance. They are given a lot of love and special treatment to make them grow including a special mix of home compost.

“We take the cut off leaves and stems from the florist, food waste from our kitchen and the neighbours horse manure to create a special blend of compost that the flowers and plants love” said Melanie Kennerley, owner of The Wild Rose.

“It’s immensely satisfying being at a point where we can deliver our customers a more sustainable flower offer. From growing our own flowers, to delivering beautiful fresh flowers in a home compostable wrap solution, it’s another reason I’m proud of what we offer at The Wild Rose Florist and Gift store”.

Importance Of Sustainable Flower Delivery
The importance of sustainable flower delivery cannot be overstated in today’s environmentally-conscious society. Traditional flower delivery methods often involve significant carbon footprints due to the use of non-renewable energy sources for transportation, excessive packaging materials, and the extensive use of chemicals in flower farming. We’re sleepwalking into an ecological nightmare, and our wasteful habits are the chief culprits, fueling climate change and ravaging the natural world – we need to shake off this status quo and forge a new, sustainable path.
Sustainable flower delivery prioritizes eco-friendly practices that reduce environmental impact at every stage—from cultivation to doorstep delivery. When you choose to buy from local farmers who favor organic growing methods, you’re casting a vote against the pollution of our soil and water resources by avoiding the use of hazardous chemicals. Think global, source local. By reducing transportation distances, we can enjoy more radiant flowers while shrinking our carbon footprint.
Eco-friendly packaging is another crucial aspect; using biodegradable or recyclable materials helps cut down on waste significantly. Companies serious about sustainability take a long, hard look at their supply chain, making sure that farmers and laborers are treated with dignity and paid a wage that lets them live with pride.
Ethical Sourcing Of Flowers
Ethical sourcing of flowers is pivotal in ensuring sustainability in flower delivery services. We’re picky about who we partner with – only farms that dignify their laborers, preserve natural resources, and put back into their local communities make the cut. On these forward-thinking farms, old-school farming gets a 21st-century twist – chemicals areverboten, water’s used sparingly, and the focus is on working in harmony with Mother Nature. Fair labor practices and eco-friendly methods are the twin benefits of sourcing flowers responsibly – a double win for companies looking to make a positive impact.
We take pride in shouldering the responsibility of bringing transparency to the flower supply chain, ushering in an era where everyone wins – farmers get a fair deal, communities thrive, and nature flourishes.
Eco-Friendly Packaging Options
Eco-friendly packaging options in flower delivery are essential for reducing environmental impact. The industrial shift toward sustainable practices is evident in the surge of biodegradable materials in mainstream production – case in point, compostable packaging and recycled paper goods. Additionally, some use reusable vases or containers made from sustainable resources like bamboo or glass. Eco-friendly packaging materials are a total game-changer: not only do they perk up the aesthetic, but they’re also gentle on the planet, keeping decomposition friendly and harmless.
Going green has never looked so beautiful: by opting for eco-friendly packaging, flower delivery services can drastically slash their carbon footprint and deliver more than just gorgeous arrangements – they can deliver a clearer conscience.
Local Vs. Imported Flowers
Local flowers often boast a smaller carbon footprint compared to their imported counterparts, as they require less transportation and refrigeration. Because they sip energy rather than guzzle it, these eco-conscious alternatives really resonate with planet-loving consumers. Surround yourself with the product of your neighborhood’s fruitful soil and vibrant entrepreneurial spirit – local flowers that embellish your space while supporting nearby growers. In contrast, imported flowers can offer exotic varieties year-round but come with environmental costs like extensive shipping and potential pesticide use.
Balancing the choice between local and imported flowers involves considering both environmental impacts and consumer preferences for variety and availability.
Sustainable businesses flourish when consumers make informed choices, and one enjoyable way to do this is by opting for gorgeous flower arrangements delivered straight to your home – a daily reminder of the impact your purchases can have.


About The Wild Rose

The Wild Rose Florist and Gift store is a Florist based in Takanini delivering great value flowers and gifts nationwide. The Wild Rose is owned by Kennerley Gourmet Grocery Ltd, who specialises in Grocery and Gifting. Alongside The Wild Rose, they also own The Meat BoxCelebration BoxPaddock To PantryHello&Cookie and The Gift Shop.

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