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Beyond Physical Training, ‘Elevate Your Climbing’ Planner Integrates Mental Performance Tracking

The first climbing planner to integrate physical and mental performance in one place.

United States, 29th Jun 2024, King NewsWireLEHI, Utah, – Send Edition,, boosting climbers’ skills and confidence since 2020, published ‘Elevate Your Climbing: Training Planner and Tracker,’ which empowers climbers to uncover performance trends and strategize their development, enabling more effective training goal achievements. 

The inclusion of mental performance tracking in this planner is vital for climbers aiming to advance their skills and develop smarter, more sustainable training habits. 

“By enabling climbers to monitor trends and self-direct adjustments throughout their training, this planner empowers them to tailor their growth and approach challenges with heightened self-awareness,” said Sara Wade, founder of Send Edition. “It enhances climbers’ ability to self-assess and adapt their training routines, while providing clear, actionable insights into their progress, making it an indispensable tool for driving effective training outcomes.”

With climbing set to feature in the Olympics for the second time later this year, the sport is witnessing a significant surge in interest from enthusiasts aiming to transition from casual climbing to competitive climbing. The launch of ‘Elevate Your Climbing: Training Planner and Tracker’ is perfectly timed to meet the needs of this growing demographic.

Ready to take your climbing to the next level? ‘Elevate Your Climbing: Training Planner and Tracker’ is available for purchase at 

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