BRE Leads Surpasses +2,000 Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers Served with Multi 7-Figure Commissions

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Miami, Florida, United States, 22nd Aug 2023 – Introducing BRE Leads, an innovative marketing agency based in the USA, specializing in comprehensive marketing systems for professional realtors. Led by Nathan, a licensed real estate agent turned entrepreneur, BRE Leads has developed Top Producer System, an all-in-one solution designed by a Real Estate Agent, for Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers. Since its inception in 2018, the company has gained significant traction, serving over 1,000 real estate agents nationwide and generating seven-figure commissions. Notably, BRE Leads has earned recognition in esteemed publications like INC. for its ability to connect realtors with highly targeted and qualified buyers and sellers seeking the assistance of a real estate agent or mortgage broker.

BRE Leads achieves this through this process:

Target In-Market Buyers & Sellers and Multi-Channel Advertising

Using their proprietary technology, BRE Leads identifies and engages motivated buyers and sellers who are actively exploring competitor offerings or searching for local agents. The company ensures that leads are highly qualified based on credit, budget, and timeframe, allowing real estate agents and mortgage brokers to focus on the most promising opportunities. Through multi-channel advertising, including Facebook/Instagram Ads, Google/Youtube Ads, and mobile apps, BRE Leads offers a 100% done-for-you system without the need for recurring retainers.

Authority Positioning

BRE Leads employs a 360 omnipresent approach to establish realtors as the go-to authority figures in the minds of potential clients. Their comprehensive customer relationship manager (CRM) facilitates precise tracking and follow-up, ensuring no leads are missed or left unclosed.

Qualification and Appointments

The BRE Leads system qualifies prospects based on credit, budget, and timeframe, engaging with them and setting appointments for agents when they are ready to initiate the sales process.

Building on the established connection, BRE Leads continues to position real estate agents and mortgage brokers as trusted authorities throughout the sales process. By showcasing current listings, testimonials, client results, press releases, buying/selling guides, and other valuable resources, BRE Leads enables realtors to solidify their relationship with clients and secure deals.

Throughout all these steps, BRE Leads provides users with 100% US-based call/text and email support, as well as check-ins via Zoom to ensure seamless communication and assistance.

Unique to BRE Leads is their pay-once, get access for life model. With a one-time payment, real estate agents and mortgage brokers gain perpetual access to the Top Producer System, allowing them to continuously fill their pipeline with ready-to-close leads. BRE Leads handles lead tracking indefinitely, leaving realtors in control of their ad spend and budget.

The extensive list of positive reviews (backlink: on the company’s website is a testament to their success and customer satisfaction. BRE Leads’ unwavering confidence in their done-for-you systems and real estate technology is further evident through their concrete guarantee. They promise a sale within five months, or agents can request a refund with no questions asked.

To learn more about BRE Leads and explore the opportunities they offer, please visit the following links:

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