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Bumpr is a campaign-powering platform using innovative methods to assist brands in generating more impactful connections. Our screen fleet offers geo-specific, real time ad space to maximize every budget in creating not just more, but more memorable engagement.

Langley Township, BC, Canada, 8th Sep 2023, King NewsWireIn a city that never sleeps, the bright lights of advertising have always played a major role in Las Vegas. In the heart of the desert, competition is fierce, but one company is changing the game, turning heads, and outshining competitors – Bumpr. Bumpr is spearheading a revolution in the advertising industry. Traditional billboards, bus stop ads, and mobile billboards have paved the way and have been instrumental in us creating Bumpr. With Bumpr, advertising is agile, targeted, and incredibly effective.

Bumpr is revolutionizing the advertising landscape with its state-of-the-art rear window transparent technology, setting it apart from traditional advertising methods. Bumpr’s transparent technology is designed to be effortlessly integrated onto a vehicle’s rear window, ensuring that the driver’s view remains unobstructed and safe. By integrating dynamic visuals on their rear window displays, Bumpr is delivering over 30 million monthly impressions to advertisers, offering brands an unmissable and captivating campaign opportunity.

The Dwell Time Difference

One key metric for outdoor advertising is dwell time—the length of time an ad is viewed by potential customers. With Bumpr’s unique approach and strategic location shining out the rear vehicle window, their dwell times are significantly longer which leads to higher conversion rates.

“Blink, and regular billboards are gone. Bumpr? You can’t help but give them a second look.” “But with Bumpr’s innovative approach, your brand’s message will leave a lasting impression that goes far beyond the city limits.

Why Vegas?

“Vegas is the city that never sleeps and always entertains,” shared founders Kaleb Janzen and Campbell Dyck when asked about picking Vegas for Bumpr’s launch market. “For us, it was about getting Bumpr into a place buzzing with energy. We imagined our platform giving advertisers that fresh spark to catch the eye of the vibrant crowds out here.”

Our Drivers, Our Pride

We vet our drivers carefully. They aren’t just drivers; they’re part of the Bumpr family. Every one of our drivers is a full-time rideshare professional, averaging each over 40 hours per week on the road. Bumpr’s drivers cruise through the city’s hotspots during prime hours, ensuring advertisers get the spotlight they crave and connect with massive audiences on the move.

The Bumpr Advantage

So, why is Bumpr outshining its competitors? It boils down to their unique combination of visibility, dwell time, and carefully vetted team of professional drivers. In a saturated market, Bumpr offers businesses the chance to stand out and make a real impact.

The Future is Brighter with Bumpr

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Las Vegas, Bumpr is leading the charge into a new era of outdoor advertising. As the saying goes, ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.’ But with Bumpr’s innovative approach, your brand’s message will leave a lasting impression that goes far beyond the city limits.

So, when you’re considering your next outdoor advertising campaign in Las Vegas, ask yourself one question: Why blend in when you can stand out with Bumpr? To start your advertising campaign today call 702-789-0749.

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