Business Awards UK Celebrates Excellence and Innovation in the 2023 Food Industry Awards

HALIFAX, United Kingdom, 24th Nov 2023 – Business Awards UK proudly presents the 2023 Food Industry Awards, honouring the trailblazers and innovators who shape the vibrant culinary landscape of the United Kingdom.


2023 Food Industry Awards Winners

  • Caswell Catering – Best Catering Services
  • The Pizza Post – Excellence in Food Service
  • Nicha Group – Best Health and Nutrition Product
  • Marshall’s Farm Shop – Best Farm to Table Initiative
  • WL Distillery – Best Craft Brewery/Distillery
  • Dope Burger Limited – Outstanding Contribution to the Food Industry
  • Enduosports – Innovative Food Product
  • Greens at Gretna – Best New Restaurant

2023 Food Industry Awards Finalists

  • The Sussex Ox Trading Company – Best Farm to Table Initiative
  • Caswell Catering – Excellence in Food Service
  • The Pizza Post – Outstanding Contribution to the Food Industry
  • PINA POKE – Innovative Food Product, Best New Restaurant
  • WL Distillery – Outstanding Contribution to the Food Industry
  • Enduosports – Best Health and Nutrition Product
  • Memories Catering – Best Catering Services
  • Caswell Catering – Best Lone Wolf Catering Company

From the heart-driven health initiatives of Nicha Group in Surrey to the authentic Naples-influenced pizzas of The Pizza Post, each winner has distinctly showcased their commitment to excellence and innovation. Greens at Gretna, renowned as “The First Restaurant in Scotland,” offers a unique culinary experience, while Enduosports sets a high bar with its natural, sustained energy products. Dope Burger, with its decade-long legacy of gourmet street food, and WL Distillery, which captures the essence of North East traditions in its gin, both exemplify the craft of their trades. Marshall’s Farm Shop & Kitchen stands as a testament to generations of farming passion, and Caswell Catering has become a beacon of versatile, memorable culinary services in Swansea.

These winners and finalists exemplify the culinary spirit of the UK, pushing boundaries and raising standards. The 2023 Food Industry Awards celebrate their dedication, passion, and significant contributions to the food industry.

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