Business Awards UK Honors Excellence and Innovation in the 2023 Construction and Engineering Awards


HALIFAX, United Kingdom, 17th Nov 2023, King NewsWireThe results are in for the 2023 Construction and Engineering Awards. These annual awards spotlight the apex of the construction and engineering sectors, underscoring companies that have showcased excellence, innovation, and dedication in their respective categories. As we celebrate this year’s winners and finalists, we are reminded of the dynamism, resilience, and forward-thinking nature of these sectors.

2023 Construction and Engineering Awards Winners

  • Cahill Design Consultants – Best Engineering Consultancy
  • Future Homes Design and Build – Innovation in Construction Materials
  • Bonus Eventus Maintenance Ltd. – Health and Safety Excellence Award, Outstanding Building Contractor
  • Resapol Ltd – Construction Supplier of the Year
  • AG Group – Contractor of the Year
  • Ua Neill Industries – Excellence in Sustainable Infrastructure, Excellence in Environmental Stewardship

2023 Construction and Engineering Awards Finalists

  • Cahill Design Consultants – Health and Safety Excellence Award
  • Future Homes Design and Build – Outstanding Building Contractor, Excellence in Environmental Stewardship
  • Bonus Eventus Maintenance Ltd. – Best Engineering Consultancy, Contractor of the Year
  • Ua Neill Industries – Innovation in Construction Materials
  • AG Group – Excellence in Sustainable Infrastructure, Outstanding Building Contractor

The 2023 Construction and Engineering Awards not only commend the remarkable achievements of the winners and finalists but also encapsulate the broader industry’s evolution. From sustainable building practices and eco-friendly innovations to the emphasis on customer satisfaction and the drive to push boundaries, these awards are a testament to the industry’s dedication to excellence and its commitment to a brighter, more sustainable future.

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