Counseling Journeys with Joseph Hayes: Gestalt, Existentialism, and EMDR

Licensed Professional Counselor Joseph Hayes offers unique andpersonalized therapeutic approaches to help clients in Texas achieve and maintain theirbest quality of life, utilizing the tools provided to them through a variety of psychologicaldisciplines and resources.

Counselor Joe’s Eclectic Approach to Mental Health

Joseph D. Hayes, MS, LPC, NCC, colloquially known as Counselor Joe, has been serving the mental health needs of Texans since 1998, eventually acquiring his own private practice based in Mount Pleasant, Texas, as well as an extensive online presence through virtual counseling. With almost three decades under his belt, Hayes has effectively garnered a reputation for his profundity in fostering a sense of self-efficacy in his clientele to cope with various disorders such as trauma, depression, and anxiety, in addition to restoring peace and happiness through their own life purpose. His selfless dedication to providing quality care is evident in his eclectic therapeutic style, which extracts and integrates theories of Gestalt Therapy, Existentialism, and EMDR.

Unique Expertise and Inclusive Care

Hayes is a Nationally Certified Counselor and an EMDRIA-Certified EMDR Therapist. This latter specialization allows him to address PTSD and other mental health issues. Hayes’ commitment to continued education and adapting his methods has made him a highly sought-after therapist, particularly among veterans. Contracted with the VA through their Community Care Program, Hayes has a long history of helping veterans battle PTSD and other mental health challenges.

A Personalized Therapeutic Experience

Hayes’ approach to counseling is cultivated through 26 years of experience within inpatient and outpatient settings, enveloping a nuanced balance of diversity and culture along the way. His practice is renowned for its relaxed, down-to-earth environment, where he manages all client interactions personally, from phone calls to scheduling. Hayes’ theoretical framework informs an awareness of Core Attachment issues and how our own mind attacks us, the importance of pursuing true meaning and purpose in life by discovering one’s true self, and addressing clients’ core beliefs that create an impasse to change, all while empowering the client to facilitate meaningful personal growth.

A Journey from Adversity to Advocacy

Hayes’ life story is a true testament to his own resilience and dedication. Dropping out of high school at 16, he returned to earn his diploma at 18 and went on to become a first-generation college graduate in his family. Hayes earned his Master of Science in Community Counseling from Texas A&M Commerce and has since co-authored a textbook on anger management with Dr. Lavelle Hendricks. The book was used in the Undergraduate Anger Management Counseling course at Texas A&M Commerce.

Client-Centered Focused Therapy Application

Hayes’ therapeutic philosophy is centered on the belief that clients possess the intrinsic ability to make positive changes in their lives. He focuses on nurturing a genuine therapeutic relationship: enabling clients to explore their own life experiences by recognizing awareness of attachment formations; core belief manifestations; and support in achieving personal transformation through a shared therapeutic alliance. Hayes’s practice is not solution-focused; instead, he helps clients understand how their own minds work and how they can overcome imprinted core issues to find peace and harmony through acceptance of self.

Comprehensive Mental Health Services

Counselor Joe offers a wide range of services to include the following:

  • Trauma Therapy: Utilizing EMDR to treat PTSD and other trauma-related conditions.
  • Depression and Anxiety Management: Helping clients manage symptoms and strive to seek their best quality of life.
  • Anger Management: Providing tools and techniques to control anger and implement interpersonal relationships.
  • Life Satisfaction and Personal Growth: Assisting clients in the self-actualization process so that they may discover the joy of experiencing peace and harmony through self-motivation.

Innovative Approaches to Therapy

Hayes’ methods are rooted in a deep understanding of the human psyche and a commitment to self-tailored therapeutic interventions. His use of Gestalt Therapy helps clients gain awareness of their emotions and thought processes, understand how attachments are formed, and to challenge one’s early attachment style. Gestalt Theory debunks the idea of a ‘haunting‘ past, thus liberating the client to “let go” of these mental constructs and allow oneself to appreciate the present moment, thereby exerting freedom of choice in one’s innate desire to strive for peace in life. Existential Therapy encourages clients to find true meaning and purpose in their lives, not the mistaken internalizations or introjections impressed upon them through early attachment experiences. EMDR therapy, a cornerstone of his practice, is a powerful tool for processing traumatic memories and thereby reducing stress.

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