Craft Your Legacy: Collect NFT Weapons, Battle in PvP, and Amass Cathena Gold ($CGO)




Deggendorf, Germany, 12th Mar 2024 – Welcome to the enchanting realm of Knights of Cathena, a revolutionary turn-based PvP multiplayer strategy game that transcends traditional gaming boundaries. In this fantastical world, players engage in intense battles against each other, earning coveted Cathena Gold ($CGO) as they climb the ranks and strive for fame. The game introduces a unique blend of turn-based tactics and blockchain technology, making it a groundbreaking experience for both Web3 and traditional gamers alike.


As a player, you have the opportunity to build your collection of weapons and equipment, represented as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), to enhance your fighters’ skills for upcoming battles. Combined with your strategic skill those items will be key to dominate your opponent. Rise to the challenge, become a king, and make yourself well known in  the game’s immersive universe.


Knights of Cathena stands as a testament to the potential of blockchain technology, uncovering a divine and mysterious power that transforms the gaming landscape. The turn-based strategy gameplay allows players to utilize their strategic prowess in action-packed battles, creating strategic formations and equipping fighters with powerful NFT items.




The introduction of Knights of Cathena is not just a game launch; it’s an invitation to the extraordinary realm of Web3 gaming. The project prioritizes a “game first” philosophy, placing the adventure at the forefront of its design while utilizing blockchain features quietly in the background. With an easy onboarding process, the game promises a familiar experience, allowing players to reap the benefits of blockchain without realizing it.

The metrics of the innovative token ecosystem in Knights of Cathena ensure sustainable and infinite scalable growth. The carefully crafted token economy rewards players, fostering ongoing adventures and guaranteeing the game’s longevity and success.


The game’s economy is powered by Cathena Gold ($CGO), which players earn through victorious battles. This virtual currency can be used to acquire new weapons and equipment, further strengthening your fighters and propelling you to higher ranks. Cathena Gold is based on the “Proof of Play” concept, which means that the more play time invested in the ecosystem, the more value it creates. This comes from the deflationary nature of the token.  Knights of Cathena breaks new ground by seamlessly integrating blockchain technology, ensuring a frictionless onboarding experience for players without the need for prior blockchain knowledge or initial investments.


The huge opportunity that Knights of Cathena offers right now is significant. As the token scarcity increases dynamically the more players join the ecosystem, the early birds will benefit most of it. Recently, they reached over 100k downloads already on the Google Play store with many more to come. Knights of Cathena is able to captivate traditional gaming audiences and serve as a pivotal force in driving the widespread adoption of Web3 gaming. It stands as a bridge between the familiar gaming world and the limitless potential of blockchain technology, offering players a gateway to a new era of gaming experiences. Join the journey where fantasy becomes reality, and the possibilities are boundless.





In Knights of Cathena, player ownership of in-game items is enabled through the creation and storage of all items as ESDT NFTs on the MultiversX blockchain. These items, ranging from equipment for soldiers to chests of items, are entirely owned by the players. They can choose to utilize them to enhance their soldiers’ abilities on the battlefield or engage in trading on the in-game marketplace using $CGO.





Noble Houses will serve as social hubs, fostering community and multiplayer interactions within the game. Comparable to traditional guilds, Noble Houses have the added distinction of being NFTs tradeable on the in-game marketplace. Owners of Noble Houses earn additional rewards from games played by members, while house members enjoy in-game benefits, contributing to the rise of the Noble House’s value and influence across five levels.



The current implementation of pets in Knights of Cathena positions them as companions to selected commanders in battle. However, this marks just the beginning of the potential for pets within the game. Future developments may introduce a wider range of features and mechanics, transforming pets into more than just battlefield companions and offering players unique and engaging experiences within the world of Altea.



To ensure fair and enjoyable matches, players are matched according to their ranks. After each match, both the winner and defeated players receive $CGO rewards based on their respective ranks and the battle’s outcome. With a fixed daily distribution of $CGO, an increasing number of active players leads to a decrease in distributed $CGO per match, resulting in a constant increase in $CGO value over time. This system essentially rewards playtime with digital assets.


Knights of Cathena represents a pioneering shift in the landscape of Web3 gaming, distancing itself from conventional paradigms such as Play-to-Earn and Play-and-Earn.


The project seeks to redefine the gaming experience by placing a paramount emphasis on player enjoyment. In doing so, Knights of Cathena seamlessly integrates Web3 concepts, including profit and ownership, without disrupting the immersive gaming experience.

The traditional Play-to-Earn and Play-and-Earn models, which focus primarily on incentivizing players to earn tokens rather than enjoying the gameplay, are being left behind by Knights of Cathena. These approaches often lead to a diminished long-term appeal for blockchain games, as players become solely motivated by token earnings. Moreover, these models typically demand prior blockchain knowledge or necessitate an initial investment, diverting the players’ attention away from the actual gameplay.

In contrast to the prevalent paradigms, Knights of Cathena positions player satisfaction at the forefront.




About project


In the captivating world of Knights of Cathena, gamers assume command of their armies and engage in thrilling 3D battles on a grid-based battlefield. Strategic positioning of soldiers, each possessing unique strengths and weaknesses, becomes crucial for victory. Successful battles earn rewards, unlocking a vast collection of equipable items and strategic possibilities.


To enhance the community and multiplayer aspects of the game, Noble Houses serve as social hubs, akin to traditional guilds but with the added distinction of being Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), tradeable within the in-game marketplace. Noble House owners receive additional rewards from every game played by their members, creating a symbiotic relationship.












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