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Crazy Mars Squirrel Launched on Major NFT Marketplaces, with Outstanding Performance Attracting Worldwide Attention

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United States, 19th Jan 2023 – With an increasing reputation on the market, Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT has made its appearance successively on leading trading platforms, including but not limited to OpenSea, X2Y2, Gem, Uniswap NFT, and Element. As of now, it has achieved remarkable results in terms of trading volume and popularity, and successfully proven its investment strengths and growth potential. Undoubtedly, Crazy Mars Squirrel has become a long-standing existence that could not be neglected in the current global NFT market.

Affected by the Crypto Winter, the NFT market has hit a low point. How did Crazy Mars Squirrel come out on top, even in a disadvantaged environment, and win the favor of the market?

After its boom in 2021, the NFT industry, as a rising star, seems a little at a loss in the current protracted bear market – All “common knowledge” accumulated in the bull market was overthrown in the Crypto Winter, and the NFT industry has officially entered the changeover period between the old and the new era. Against such a background, the Crazy Mars Squirrel team realized that the challenge ahead is not to optimize in an established model, but to get rid of path dependence and conceive over again.

Although the craze for NFT has dropped significantly, more traditional industries have become aware of its value and accept it as something new. According to data disclosed by Alchemy Insights, the number of developers embracing NFT is growing when Web3 users retreated. Therefore, Crazy Mars Squirrel formulated a global strategy covering all fields based on its cultural core to empower international brands and enterprises in the form of “NFT+”. In such a way, a broad commercial space can be created for the Crazy Mars Squirrel project and related companies on their way to writing a new chapter of paradigm-level breakthroughs in digital civilization. According to information, more than ten brands around the world have launched cross-border co-branding with Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT, covering technology, medicine, real estate, agriculture, consumption, health services, etc.

On the other hand, the bursting of the NFT market bubble has led to the formation of a new consensus: NFT should return to underlying asset value, with which the development path of Crazy Mars Squirrel will coincide. The traditional capital operation model made up of hype followed by delayed value realization is bound to be tagged out in the bear market due to a lack of value anchoring – which is foundational to commerce. Thus, with its unique cultural attributes and commercial value, Crazy Mars Squirrel explores the attached asset value, social value, and emotional value in order that the project could keep abreast of the times and realize high-quality and high-value development.  

Meanwhile, the extrusion of NFT bubbles has faded away short-termism, and industry practitioners have become more focused on long-term goals, which is one of the reasons why Crazy Mars Squirrel is highly respected. Different from conventional NFT projects, Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT adheres to the spirit of “universal altruism” which is exactly what other programs lack. In this regard, the project lead of Crazy Mars Squirrel said frankly that altruistic thinking is not just a cultural extension of the story prototype, but also a guideline followed by the Crazy Mars Squirrel team in practice.

And that is exactly what happened. All the actions of the Crazy Mars Squirrel team are based on altruistic thinking, which not only benefits the project and stakeholders but also allows Crazy Mars Squirrel NFT holders to obtain returns. For example, Crazy Mars Squirrel set foot in the agricultural field with a low level of digitalization, aiming to give full play to digital technology in the form of NFT to speed up industrial transformation. In such a way, industry shareholders can gain benefits and share the dividends brought by the development in the digital age.

With benign development and an expanded audience, Crazy Mars Squirrel has launched NFTs on the world’s top NFT trading platforms, allowing more NFT lovers and investors to more easily find Crazy Mars Squirrel NFTs and receive a premier service experience. In addition, the differentiated development of different NFT trading platforms will also bring fans diverse experiences, benefit traders with varied preferences, and further achieve the commercial value of Crazy Mars Squirrel.

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