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Crew Up Inc. Expands Nationwide into Flourishing Content Markets, Pioneering the Production Industry with Top Crew Search App



Crew Up Inc, the leading platform for crew industry search, is proud to announce its expansion into Mexico, adding to its already established presence in the United States and Canada. With tremendous success in these regions, Crew Up Inc is now ready to launch in Australia, further solidifying its global reach.

Crew Up Inc is a game-changer in the crew industry, offering a seamless and efficient platform for connecting professionals across various sectors. Its exclusive availability on iOS devices ensures a top-notch user experience, setting it apart from the competition.

The crew industry is highly dynamic, requiring quick and reliable solutions to connect skilled individuals with relevant opportunities. Crew Up Inc addresses this need by providing a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for professionals seeking crew positions and employers looking for talented crew members.

“We are thrilled to be launching in Australia in the new year of 2024. With so many inquiries about expansion we feel Australia is the next big push for our app and by doing this we are that much closer in closing the gap on searching for crew in markets where content creation is in demand. As a seasoned Producer this app is so needed in our antiquated industry where word of mouth and Facebook groups are the norm. We wanted to break some barriers and bring a disjointed industry up to speed while keeping it simple. Crew Up has some more exciting industry community needs up its sleeves so stay tuned on more simplistic approaches to finding your crew for all your production needs” says Andrea Mitchell CO Founder Crew Up inc.

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