Cristiano Ronaldo living in Saudi Arabia along with his family

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Kolkata, West Bengal, India, 14th Jan 2023 – There was much talk about the “more than €200 million (Rs 1,758 crore) agreement” when football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo revealed his transfer to Al-Nassr FC in Saudi Arabia. While sports commentators discussed how Ronaldo’s football career was likely coming to an end, some people questioned whether the 37-year-old would face any family-related issues as a result of the agreement.
Due to Saudi Arabia’s stringent laws on unmarried couples, many people questioned if Ronaldo would be compelled to live apart from his family. Since their relationship began in 2016, Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez have become parents to two children, Bella and Alana, as well as to Cristiano’s almost five-year-old twins, Eva and Mateo, who were delivered through surrogate mother, and Cristiano Jr., the football player’s twelve-year-old son.
However, they haven’t yet exchanged vows. The Saudi government has, however, made an exception and allowed the Cristiano Ronaldo Family to cohabitate.
Despite the fact that it is against the law for unmarried couples to cohabitate, it has been claimed that local officials will “turn a blind eye” to the couple’s arrangement. The Saudi Arabian authorities currently do not intervene in this situation (in the case of foreigners), although the law still forbids cohabitation before marriage, according to a lawyer who was cited as stating.

What does the Law in Saudi Arabia state about unmarried couples?

Unmarried couples are not permitted to cohabit in Saudi Arabia, nor are they permitted to share hotel rooms. The couple’s Saudi national IDs must be obtained by the hotel in order to verify their Mahram connection (married) at the time of check-in, per the legislation. Additionally, the landlord must confirm that the tenants are a married couple if a couple wants to rent an apartment.
Both Saudi nationals and foreigners have to follow these guidelines. However, the Kingdom announced in October 2019 that unmarried couples will be permitted to share lodgings when visiting the nation. Additionally, Saudi officials let foreign women travelling alone to reserve rooms for themselves, something the Kingdom had not permitted since then.

The restrictions against sex outside of marriage make it possible for you and your partner to be imprisoned or deported if you get pregnant outside of marriage. During prenatal visits, doctors will inquire about marital documentation.
If an unmarried woman gives birth in Saudi Arabia, she can have trouble reporting the birth of the child there and risk being detained, jailed, or expelled. You must present a marriage certificate to the Saudi authorities in order to obtain a birth certificate, and they may compare the marriage date to the anticipated conception date.

Where will Cristiano Ronaldo stay in Saudi Arabia?

The Portuguese celebrity is presently searching for a permanent residence for him and his family. He will lead a lavish life throughout his two and a half years in Saudi Arabia. He will, however, be having a ball in the interim at the magnificent Four Seasons hotel in Riyadh.
The Daily Mail reports that Ronaldo and his group would stay at the hotel with the greatest views of the city for the upcoming month.
17 hotel rooms will be occupied by Ronaldo’s crew, which also includes his family, friends, and security, and the total cost for the next month is expected to be close to $250,000.

With a room size of more than 3000ft over two levels, Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez will be living in the Kingdom Suite in the Kingdom Tower with their five kids. This adaptable suite, which includes an exquisite dining room, pantry, living room, and executive study, with stunning views and surroundings that “lend a distinct feeling of exclusivity.” 

With his unmatched ability to see Riyadh, Ronaldo will be able to “entertain visitors.” The 48th and 50th floors of the hotel are home to our newest two-story suite, which features a lofty living area, a private office, a dining room, and a media room.

What else does the Hotel offer? 

They will be treated to five-star food with “the greatest of delicacies from China, Japan, India, and the Middle East, with the freshest ingredients to order,” in addition to unmatched vistas of the city.

Ronaldo, though, won’t be dining with the other hotel guests. Instead, the cooks will “provide Ronaldo and his family a private in-room dinner service.”
Also forbidden from asking for pictures with Ronaldo is hotel personnel. The hotel is located inside a shopping centre that has various high-end brands. Additionally, the hotel provides a special evening supper on the Sky Bridge, which is located atop the Kingdom Tower.

The Four Seasons’ website states: “A private meal for two at Sky Bridge gives you Riyadh’s most breath taking vista.”

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