Cryptokang’s MOGGATHON : The Ultimate September LiveStreaming Trading Challenge

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London, United Kingdom, 1st Sep 2023 – This September, the crypto world will be set ablaze with excitement as renowned live streamer and crypto veteran, Cryptokang (known to many as “Kang”) embarks on a unique trading journey, broadcasting live every single day. Dubbed the “MOGGATHON”, this trading challenge promises thrill, strategy, and unparalleled engagement, with the climax being a grand real-life streaming event in a luxurious Dubai penthouse, generously provided by

The MOGGATHON isn’t just any trading challenge. Kang aims to trade his way to securing tickets for both himself and his dedicated team, with the ultimate goal of meeting and celebrating with the visionaries behind and some of the most influential names in the crypto industry. For those who’ve tracked Kang’s journey from the beginning, it’s no surprise to see him take on this daring challenge, given his reputation as a trader and his extensive experience in the Vela exchange ecosystem.

Many sponsors have been instrumental in bringing this event to life, echoing their commitment to fostering a dynamic crypto community and celebrating the innovative spirits like Cryptokang.

Many speculate the Cryptokang entourage plans to attend the Future Blockchain Summit, hosted right there in Dubai in October.

The anticipation is palpable, with fans and fellow traders eager to tune in daily and follow Kang’s trades, strategies, and insights. The event not only represents a personal challenge for Cryptokang but also serves as an opportunity for viewers to learn, engage, and witness crypto trading like never before.

Don’t miss out on this month-long celebration of crypto trading, challenges, and the undying spirit of the community. Tune in to Cryptokang’s channels this September for daily doses of MOGGATHON excitement.

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