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DeFiPreneur introduces a new and innovative project in the NFT world

The DeFiPreneur Project is unique, offering utilities not seen before in this space. The vision behind the project reflects the values of its founder. It is amplified by everyone contributing to its success.

United States, 12th May 2022, King NewsWire, DeFiPreneur is a collection of 5,555 NFTs offering utilities for entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals running on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC721 token. DeFiPreneur project, under the website, has two unique utilities. First is the Book Summary App, called Mentor Booth. The 1st project to offer this great utility, every NFT holder has lifetime access to the app, offering summaries and direct links to thousands of books dedicated to entrepreneurship and personal development. 

Secondly, holders receive lifetime access to live & interactive MasterMind classes. BiWeekly live Zoom & Metaverse meetups will be held with access to 100+ Instructors/Coaches/Thought Leaders/ Business Mentors. The actual NFT avatar characters, called DeFis, have hundreds of traits that contribute to their rarity ranks and include flags from every country globally. 


DeFiPreneur project is dedicated to providing education for everyone new to NFTs & Web3 or anyone looking to enhance their understanding with their Educational Hub. Accessible to the general public at no charge, the hub contains curated how-to videos and hundreds of articles and terms diving into every aspect of this space. 

If a user is learning how to set up the MetaMask wallet or develop their own NFT project, the Educational Hub on is second to none. DefiPreneur invites users to use and share a vast amount of information at any time. 

While most NFT projects have relied on exciting marketing with unrealistic roadmaps, the DeFiPreneur Project leaders have taken a more open approach by developing and delivering utility from day 1. The team shared the entire building process while asking for feedback from their community along the way. Not many projects share what goes on behind the scenes this transparently, but the team thought it would help show their supporters feel like they were part of the brand before even launching. Support has grown organically through Clubhouse, Twitter, Discord, Instagram, and Telegram channels. 


If people are looking for an NFT project built for entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals with practical utilities offering the chance for personal and business opportunities, join the DeFiPreneur Project on a fantastic journey. 

Follow the progress of the detailed roadmap on, including whitelist signup and mint dates. 




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