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Discovering the Power of Tarot and Healing with Tinsley Hammond

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Los Angeles, California, United States, 6th Feb 2023 – Tinsley Hammond, the Founder of Tinsley Tarot, is an exceptional individual who has dedicated her life to helping others find balance and healing through the use of tarot cards and energy healing. She is a tarot card reader, sound bath healer, Reiki master, and luxury event specialist who has been providing her services to high-end clients at Hollywood movie premieres, product launches, personal celebrations, and wellness events since 2018.

Hammond’s passion for healing stems from her own struggles with Western medicine and its limitations in diagnosing the root cause of her conditions. She believes in a holistic approach where the whole body is considered, rather than just focusing on one aspect. This led her to explore Eastern medicine, energy healing, and natural remedies, which she has now combined with her knowledge of Western medicine to provide her clients with a sustainable balance.

One of the biggest challenges Hammond faced in building her business was doing so in a city where she had no connections. But despite the obstacles, she persevered and used the pandemic to restructure her business and move away from selling products to offering services that could be done online and in-person. Today, her business has become a huge success, with clients such as Warner Music, LATV, For Love & Lemons, Smart Meetings, and Fable & Mane.

Hammond’s approach to tarot card reading is unique and personal, often feeling like therapy sessions for her clients. She aims to ease emotional distress by helping her clients shift their mindset and set healthy boundaries. She is in the process of creating online courses to share her wisdom and expertise with others, with the goal of teaching people how to read tarot cards for themselves as a tool for navigation.

The wisdom that Hammond wants to share with others is that distractions and challenges will arise right before a significant breakthrough. These detours are tests to see if someone is truly ready for change and growth. She encourages others to stay resilient and keep going, even when times get tough, because success is just around the corner.

In conclusion, Tinsley Hammond’s journey to heal herself has led her to help others find their own path to healing. Her approach to tarot card reading and energy healing is truly inspiring and empowering, and her wisdom and lessons are something that everyone can learn from. If you’re looking for balance and healing in your life, visit Tinsley Tarot’s website or social media to learn more.


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