Early Stage AI Edtech Companies to Watch

United States, 9th Jul 2024 – It would be foolish to ignore or discount what artificial intelligence is capable of in the educational technology space. There are many different businesses that are exploring how to utilize these types of tools. Some of them are being made available to students for free, while others are more along the lines of subscription-based services.

You can currently explore a helper in the form of AI that writes essays. This type of generator can create an AI paper that is every bit as detailed and comprehensive as an essay a human could write. If a maker of essays this advanced is available now, just imagine what the immediate future holds for this kind of tech.   

In this article, we’ll look at some companies that are on the rise in this niche but that might not be household names just yet. When you look at these startups, it’s obvious that the impact of AI on student creativity in graphic design, essay writing, and other forms of academic assignments will soon be prevalent and more scintillating than any sci-fi movie ever imagined.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Used in Education Technology?

Before we talk about some of the prominent names in this field that should be making a major impact soon, you should know what some of these companies have in mind for these tools for the present and immediate future. 

We mentioned how a tool of this nature can help you plot out an essay, write a persuasive paper, give you a helping hand with your citations, etc. However, businesses also envision bots that can:

  • Provide highly personalized learning
  • Create study materials
  • Track your academic progress 

Such a bot might be used to create a learning packet uniquely suited for your use, depending on information you give it indicating the area of your class in which you’re struggling. You could ask it to create study materials based on information that it gathers from the net. You could also ask it for comprehensive data that indicates where you are in your academic journey versus where you were six months or a year ago.

There are also many companies in this field that are geared more toward K-12 students and less toward college-aged ones. If you’re looking around online for a bot that is intended specifically to help you in academia, remember to tailor the keywords you use to match what grade you’re in or what collegiate level you’ve attained. 

It’s pretty mind-boggling to think that these tools could do all of these things, but it’s not far-fetched at all. Now, let’s look at some of the specific companies that have these kinds of innovations and functionalities in mind.

Carnegie Learning

First, it’s vital to realize that there are approximately 65,000 edtech business entities that are all competing for attention in 2024. Some are for grade school kids, others for those in college, and still more for anyone who’s working toward a postgraduate degree. Of those companies, it’s hard to say exactly how many are utilizing AI in one way or another, but you can feel confident that it’s the majority of them. 

Carnegie Learning is one that’s worthy of some attention. It is:

  • A US-based startup intended for kids in grades K-12
  • A company that uses cognitive science as well as an AI-infused component
  • Specifically geared toward individuals who are falling behind in science and math 

Regardless of your age or how far you’ve progressed in your schooling, you presumably know whether you were ever skilled at math and science. Strangely, the human mind, for whatever reason, often allows pupils who are competent in one to be proficient in the other as well. However, those who do better in classes like literature or history often seem deficient when it comes to studying math and science. 

Carnegie Learning is there for kids for whom science and math do not come naturally. You can regard their solutions like a tutor for anyone who isn’t thriving in these classes. 

Part of what the company offers is a game-like portion of its platform called MATHia Adventure. The bot creates a colorful, interactive environment for kids to get better at math without the pressures inherent to traditional classrooms. 

Teachers can also try out the curriculum the company provides for free. Though the company has been around for a decade, only recently has their AI infusion become advanced to the point where it belongs on this list. 

Squirrel AI

Squirrel AI is:

  • One of the top artificial intelligence startups in China
  • An entity that trained its model using data from one of the largest student databases in existence
  • An offshoot of YiXue Education

YiXue Education was an early pioneer of learning models that were the predecessors of contemporary AI-based tools. This platform exists to provide unique learning experiences that could be perfectly suited for individuals who struggle to keep up with the rest of the class through traditional lesson plans. 

This is another one that traces its origin back a decade, but only in recent years has the present platform emerged, armed with the learning methodologies that have made it a nearly overnight sensation. In 2019, this is the platform that walked away with the prestigious GITEX Best Education Technology Award. In 2021, it collected $1 million for winning the Artificial Intelligence for the Benefit of Humanity competition.


Osmo is:

  • A company that is heavily focused on the educational gaming market
  • Focused on collaboration, communication, and critical thinking
  • Infused with AR technology

Augmented reality is something that many of these business entities have tinkered with in various ways, but few of them have committed to it so wholeheartedly as Osmo. There are special play cards, pens, and letters that only work in conjunction with Osmo’s AR tech.

The company has racked up many rewards, including the 2016 Toy of the Year Finalist and a Parent’s Choice award. More than 31,000 classrooms used this platform as of this writing.   

While this company is undeniably impressive, like most of those on this list, it’s intended primarily for teaching grade school children.   


Udacity has:

  • One of the most advanced algorithms of these companies
  • The ability to craft personalized content recommendations and lesson plans based on unique user data
  • Hyper focused academic assessment abilities for pupils at any grade level from K-12 

Though this is another company that has been around for a few years, it is only relatively recently that it has climbed the ranks and garnered widespread attention for its success in classrooms around the globe. At the moment, it’s in use in more than 190 countries. 160,000 students use it on a regular basis.

There are many more of these types of startups that are worthy of your attention, including Riiid, Memrise, and Dreambox Learning. Some of these are not suitable for individuals who are making their way through collegiate-level classes. However, there are now enough platforms in the edtech space that you should be able to find something that matches your skill set and requirements regardless of what classes you are trying to pass.   

The future has arrived for individuals who were afraid to speak up in class when it seemed as though they were falling behind. The technological marvels of this era and the years to come might finally fulfill the promise of leaving no student behind that a president made in the early days of the 21st century. 

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