EarthMeta Announces Crypto Presale for its Metaverse in June 2024

EarthMeta, a metaverse platform, has announced the launch of its crypto presale in June 2024. EarthMeta offers a detailed digital replica of Earth, featuring exact representations of continents, seas, cities, streets, monuments, and famous landmarks. This innovative platform aims to transform the digital real estate market through the use of blockchain technology, offering a decentralized and transparent ecosystem for trading assets as NFTs.

At launch, EarthMeta will make most cities around the world available for presale. Users can purchase cities of their choice to become Governors, and then subdivide their cities into various NFT assets such as landmarks, monuments, buildings, and more. These assets can be traded on EarthMeta’s marketplace, with Governors earning a 1% tax on each transaction within their city. The platform also features an Augmented Reality app, API integrations for creating custom economies, and participation in EarthMeta’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

EarthMeta’s virtual Earth is designed to be a dynamic and interactive space where users can express themselves. These digital cities can be bought, sold, and traded similarly to physical land, with their value influenced by factors like location and economic indicators. Post-presale, city owners will have the opportunity to further subdivide and monetize their digital assets, enhancing the virtual ecosystem.

Built on the Polygon blockchain, EarthMeta leverages Polygon’s advanced capabilities to provide a robust and cost-effective platform. Polygon’s Layer-2 solution addresses the common blockchain issues of high transaction fees and slow processing times, enabling faster and more affordable transactions. Additionally, 0.1% of all transactions on the EarthMeta Marketplace will be allocated to a dedicated wallet supporting EarthMeta’s charity program.

EarthMeta Token ($EMT) Presale Details:

Presale Allocation: 210,000,000 EMT

APY: Up to 186% for early adopters

Token Distribution:

·         10% Presale

·         8% Business Development

·         5% Play2Earn & Airdrops

·         4% Founding Team (Locked for 4 years)

·         18% Innovation & Code Development

·         16% Treasury & Ecosystem

·         14% Marketing

·         13% Staking Pools

·         12% Liquidity Pool & Listing Exchanges

Fund Allocation:

·         40% Innovation & Code Development

·         15% Marketing & Promotional

·         10% CEX Listing & DEX Liquidity

·         8% Operational Expenses

·         12% Global Expansion

·         10% Business Development

·         5% Legal & Regulation

Participating in the presale is straightforward. Users can link their crypto wallets to the presale widget and use ETH, BNB, MATIC, or USDT to secure EMT tokens. The presale is accessible on Ethereum, Polygon, or BNB Chain.

For more information about EarthMeta and to participate in the presale, visit:

About EarthMeta:

EarthMeta is a digital real estate platform offering a detailed digital replica of Earth. Users can purchase and govern virtual cities, subdivide them into NFT assets, and trade these assets on the EarthMeta marketplace. Built on the Polygon blockchain, the platform ensures transparency and low transaction fees. EarthMeta features an Augmented Reality app, API integrations, and a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The presale for EarthMeta tokens ($EMT) starts in June 2024, providing early adopters opportunities for high returns and involvement in a dynamic virtual ecosystem.

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