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Enjoy High-Quality Movie Dates with Minu’s Top Online Video Streaming Platform

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United States, 29th Dec 2022, King NewsWireThe application allows users to watch premium entertainment from major services in perfect sync.

Title: Video titled: Minu | Watch Party Together

Minu is a top-tier movie date online platform, enabling users to find new friends and watch premium entertainment and movies from major services together in perfect sync. Whether someone wants to watch it privately with their mate, have a movie date with friends, or schedule a watch party with people around the world, Minu is the best way to watch TV and shows with others. The app is an idea of a Singaporean company led by founder Chien Dang. It is highly regarded for providing people with the opportunity to watch TV and shows together from notable platforms, including Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, Prime, YouTube, and HBO.

The idea behind launching this app was to serve entertainment needs, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic period. After two months after its first version launched, the development team of Minu released the second version with a new user interface, ensuring that it makes the application more appealing to their customers. The app’s proficient team makes sure to keep updating the app by adding cutting-edge features to make the application smoother and easy to use.

“Minu lets you search and match with your movie mate. Swipe over millions of Minu’s user profiles, and drop a star for anyone you want to have a movie date with. Find among endless movies and shows that you both love and enjoy the sweetest movie date ever together. Whether you want to watch it privately with your mate, have a movie date with your friends, or schedule a watch party with people around the world, Minu is the best way to watch TV shows with others,” shares Chien Dang, the founder of Minu. 

With this app, users have the option of scrolling the homepage to find a movie or searching for it through the search bar on the homepage. Users can simply add friends on Minu by searching for their names. If they have already added friends, they can add them by searching their names. It is also possible to share the links to the rooms, to invite friends or to share them on social media. Various features are available in the movie room to ensure the users have a great experience, including mute/unmute, ban/kick, and video calls during the watch party.

For now, the application is only available on the Appstore, and the developers are working hard to release this version on Android devices as soon as possible. As well as its ground-breaking features, the application is completely free, although users will need to subscribe to various movie platforms, such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, etc.

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