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ERTH Points System Launches as Next-Gen Hybrid Crypto with Real-World Use and Environmental Impact

Gold Coast, Australia, 27th Jan 2023 – ERTH Points System, the next-generation crypto, has successfully debuted and made its way into the crypto market after a successful trial in Australia. This new improvement elevates ERTH Points as a Clykto-Currency with additional usability and profitable international uses.

ERTH exhibits an exceptional amount of real-world usefulness, which will restore the essential confidence level in the market. The ecosystem comprises business-to-customer transactions closely associated with an on-market exchange while sponsoring programs to clean up and repair our world.

This implies that every transaction that happens in the real world between individuals utilizing the system produces actual value on and off-market. Due to this characteristic alone, trading speculation is rendered unnecessary, the only basis for the price and ‘worth’ of 99.99% of all tokens now accessible.

Only those projects that can generate genuine value can endure the inevitable exit of speculators from any market. And only initiatives that have this degree of practicality and utility will secure the long-term sustainability of the space itself.

ERTH Points System has the potential to be one of the key driving factors for every business and consumer transaction in the world. This can not only revolutionize the way companies obtain clients but also change the world.

Instead of consuming a vast quantity of energy and the consequent environmental impact like proof or work Cryptos, ERTH Points merely needs a comparable amount of energy as a credit card transaction. Plus, utilizing the platform helps heal the harm done to the environment under its POLECER objective, which includes reforestation and sustainable energy technologies.

Notably, everyone benefits from the system. The customer benefits by obtaining their goods and/or services and earns ERTH Points that can increase/decrease in value as they are a Crypto, the business benefits since it has a client who spends money rather than just visiting their website, Not-for-Profits benefit from their supporters everyday shopping, and the planet benefits.

The platform allows part of every purchase from every company in every currency in the world to be directed toward correcting environmental harm and eventually recovering the planet. It has completed numerous test projects and is currently running as a Clykto-Currency (Hybrid of a Click, a Reward Point, and a Crypto-Currency). It is ready to take its home Australia by storm. New Zealand, the UK, and Europe are anticipated to open in Q1 and the USA in Q2 of 2023. ERTH is now accessible on three worldwide exchanges;,, and, with more added in Q1 2023.

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Organization: Erth Points

Contact Person: Chris Bilborough



City: Gold Coast

Country: Australia

Release Id: 2701232256

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