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FITCOIN Revolutionizes Sport and Fitness with Decentralized Wellness Revolution while Unveiling Groundbreaking Crowdsale: Rewarding Network With 500 Tokens

King Newswire

Norwood, Australia, 17th Aug 2023, King NewsWire

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Fitcoin is a new digital space in the fitness industry adopting a lifestyle with the primary goal of making physical activity more fun, appealing, and rewarding, has announced its token crowdsale in early Q3 of 2023.

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Crowdsale & Fitness Blockchain Announcement

Receive 500 complimentary tokens as part of our crowd-sale initiative, aimed at kickstarting  the funding for advancing Fitcoin’s innovative platform—a novel digital enclave within the fitness market. During this phase, we’re extending free Token rewards upon registration to new users, along with the opportunity to purchase additional tokens at reduced rates.

Per-to-pear local currency for fitness lifestyle activities will be based on new decentralized network “Fitonika” which aids people looking to improve their health and wellness in the best way possible. The platform features innovative fitness tools, a mineable token, and a wellness tracker that enables users to monitor all of their daily activities while earning the native Fitcoin tokens (A local cryptocurrency in the decentralized network — Fitonika) in rewards.

Revolutionizing Safety mechanism and Higher Trust Level in the Digital Era Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies have transformed the way we conduct financial transactions and manager services as the Fitcoin also will allow is set eliminate some trouble issues in the health and fitness industry such as:

Lack once universal Motivation for Healthily lifestyle

Lack of a unified health system for fitness activities by giving its users access to potential tools to control and manage their fitness activities and access to a digital space full of like-minded individuals aiming to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Lack of Independent marketing tools from mediator favors and services in the sports industry market.

Lack of a single digital Safe and secure mechanism for Mutual settlements

And much more other

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Fitcoin brings digital fitness to the world through a unique combination of a fitness app with amazing features, unlike any other brand in the fitness industry. Fitcoin has big plans to revolutionize the entire fitness industry and bridge the gap between digital and fitness.

“The World changed, look at Paypal ; it was a simple online wallet providing the purchase of certain things and goods. Today The company is Global payments giant which has billions in revenue and is forced to issue Its own crypto token “PYUSD” Future owns the Cryptos, and it is dependent on your choice today Fitcoin is not just Web3 Defiapp as “Fit4essense” or “FightOut,” which is limited. Fitcoin has classic blockchain architecture and owns an economics model in the base source, so it takes scaling for a growth network possibility to decide row helps the task of community. That is, take liquid due to the market of services, goods, and different trade items – this allows to compete on the world’s cryptocurrency exchanges.” Serge K.

Upon successful completion of the crowdfunding campaign, fitness enthusiasts will be able to utilize the full features of Fitcoin to turn their workout routine into a digital currency-making opportunity via a decentralized network called Fitonika. This allows workout enthusiasts to be rewarded with Fitcoin currency which can be exchanged in the marketplace as they perform fitness activities.

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Features of Fitonika

Receive rewards as a motivation for sticking towards your fitness and sports workout routine.

The Fitcoin currency can be used in the store to buy, sell, or trade sports items such as equipment, nutrition, clothes, favors, services, and many more.

Information concerning workout routines can be accumulated and sold, which can help improve your workout lifestyle in “big data” for marketing purposes without a mediator.

There are wallet and store different services web applications to learn about the positive ways to make your unique fitness lifestyle better.

There’s some limit on what you can earn on Fitcoin — but the hardly you exercise, the higher reward you can earn in the form of Bitcoins.

Users can also use the store to grow their income by offering pay-as-you-go services to millions of user-motivated individuals worldwide or referring new users to earn an additional 500 tokens upon registration.

As part of the launch strategy, Powerfitcoin is set to begin a new chapter in revolutionizing the fitness industry with the aim of becoming a top digital fitness cryptocurrency. The listing of Fitcoin token will be available already in Q4(current)-Q1(next year) period which will serve as a key to unlocking the overall ecosystem, giving users the opportunity to earn, spend, buy, and sell sports items — while improving their fitness lifestyle.

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About Fitcoin

Fitcoin is a new digital space in the fitness industry that can provide users with the right tools to help users improve their overall well-being including currency token rewards in return for fitness activities. Fitcoin is set to revolutionize the fitness industry with improved security features using modern technologies and a decentralized network (Fitonika) to carry out health control and offer fitness enthusiasts several profitable benefits.


For more information, please visit https://powerfitcoin.com/ or reach out via fpcaffilate@gmail.com

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Contact Person: Serge Keller

Website: https://powerfitcoin.com

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