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Former Chief Clinical Officer – Toya Casper-Cornelious

The healthcare systems worldwide involve numerous differences due to the diverse approaches and policies. The systems adapt varying degrees of public-private partnerships to offer healthcare services to citizens. The most important outcome is that care is accessible and affordable and services that improve patient outcomes and quality of care are available. Health care coverage comprises two categories worldwide according to the public or private involvement in insurance and coverage. Some countries offer universal coverage for all citizens regardless of their contribution, while others provide no coverage, compelling people to purchase private medical insurance.

The healthcare system involves several professionals and care providers, including doctors, technicians, and nurses. Nurses are essential healthcare workers and provide nearly 80% of all direct patient care, representing almost half of the global healthcare workforce. Nurses are connected to a nation’s capacity to handle its top health concerns. They are usually the first contact point for patients and are frequently the primary individuals interacting with patients during their hospital visits. They support patients, families, and communities by providing care, support, counseling, and treatment. Nurses manage illnesses, give medications, aid with procedures, continue treating patients beyond the initial diagnosis, offer emotional support, and carry out other crucial tasks.

Many people understood the significance of nurses and other medical personnel during the pandemic for community health and patient outcomes. Nurses’ expertise in caring for patients during healthcare crises will remain crucial to restoring community health and preparing for future health emergencies. Most doctors, nursing directors, and executives are familiar with service delivery configurations and insurance problems that patients could encounter. Healthcare CEOs and professionals are in an excellent position to provide consumers with professional guidance as they navigate the complexity of the healthcare system.

Toya Casper-Cornelious is a hard-working healthcare executive who is a nurse by background that  offers services and support to patients, families, and community members. She spent her childhood in Somerdale, New Jersey, before graduating from Sterling High School in 1990. Cornelious then relocated to Newark, New Jersey, to complete her bachelor’s degree in science from the Rutgers College of Nursing. She learned the fundamentals of the healthcare profession from career nursing assistant Ms. Doris and nursing supervisor Ms. Jeanette at the Newark Beth Israel Medical Center.

Cornelious returned to her education and completed her MBA from Grantham University in 2013 despite having two young daughters and a rigorous executive position in healthcare. She held several executive positions at CareOne for 15 years. She served as the Chief Clinical Officer of CareOne’s integrated healthcare network before starting her consultancy service. Toya Casper-Cornelious helped to lead the CareOne group at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when they offered treatment and care to nearly 5000 patients, primarily the elderly, who were affected by the virus.

In 2022, she co-founded the Care Concierge, a boutique service offering care navigation, coordination, senior care placement, and case management. Cornelious also founded the Strategic Care Solutions Healthcare Consulting company to provide senior care services and use her expertise and experience in healthcare management and nursing to organizations improve care delivery in today’s healthcare system. She is also a member of the Chief private network and think-tank working towards supporting and strengthening the leadership of female executives.  She is dedicated to providing high-quality care and creating an exceptional experience through guidance, advocacy, and consultancy.


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