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From Spare Bedroom to a Homegrown Baby Gift Brand: The Journey of Kaiby Box Revolutionizing Baby Gifts

Kallang, Singapore, 9th May 2024 – In the bustling city-state of Singapore, where dreams are nurtured and aspirations thrive, the story of Kaiby Box, a beloved baby gift brand, began its humble journey in 2018. Founded by Adeline and Zhi Kai in a spare bedroom in the heart of Hougang, Kaiby Box embarked on a mission to spread joy and warmth through thoughtfully curated baby gifts with a strong focus on baby toys.

Adeline and Zhi Kai began their entrepreneurial journey with the arrival of their first child. This significant moment marked not only the expansion of their family but also planted the seeds for Kaiby Box. Adeline, a dedicated early childhood educator with a focus on special needs education, has long recognized the profound impact toys have on a child’s learning journey. Echoing Albert Einstein’s famous words, “Play is the highest form of research,” she draws from her teaching and parenting experiences to continually seek out a wide array of toys. Her quest is driven by the desire to find the ideal tools to support learning and development.

What started as a small-scale operation by the wife-husband duo soon blossomed into a flourishing business, capturing the hearts of thousands of families across the island.

The vision for Kaiby Box was simple yet profound – to create meaningful experiences for both parents and their little ones through meticulously crafted baby gift sets. Drawing inspiration from the founders’ own journey into parenthood and their obsessions on baby developmental stages, Kaiby Box aimed to redefine the art of gifting by offering products that exuded quality, creativity, and heartfelt sentiment as well as a very strong focus on baby toys.

In the early days, the founders of Kaiby Box poured their passion and dedication into every aspect of the business. From hand-selecting suitable baby toys to designing charming packaging, they spared no effort in ensuring that each gift set carried the essence of love and care. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Kaiby Box quickly gained recognition for its exceptional gift boxes.

As word of mouth spread and demand surged, especially in the midst of the COVID pandemic, Kaiby Box faced the challenge of space constraints in its modest beginnings. Determined to meet the growing needs of their customers, the founders made a decision to expand their operations. In 2021, Kaiby Box ventured into the realm of self-storage, acquiring additional spaces to accommodate its burgeoning inventory, while still operating from their home office.

The transition to a self-storage facility marked a significant milestone in Kaiby Box’s journey, providing the brand with the infrastructure needed to scale its operations while maintaining its unwavering commitment to quality and service. With enhanced storage capabilities, Kaiby Box was poised to cater to a broader audience and explore new avenues for growth. A seemingly small step in the growth of a typical business, this milestone was very significant to Adeline and Zhi Kai as the business has now grown beyond their home.

The success of Kaiby Box is not solely attributed to its business acumen but also to the enduring support of its loyal customers. United by a shared passion to bring unique baby gifts to newborns and mummies, the Kaiby Box family worked tirelessly to exceed expectations and foster meaningful connections with every customer.

Today, Kaiby Box stands as a beacon of inspiration in Singapore’s vibrant landscape of entrepreneurship. From its modest origins in a spare bedroom to its current headquarters at Kallang Way, Kaiby Box’s journey embodies the spirit of perseverance, innovation, and resilience. With a steadfast commitment to its founding principles and a vision for the future, Kaiby Box continues to evolve and thrive in its mission to spread joy and celebrate the precious moments of parenthood.

As Kaiby Box looks ahead to the horizon of possibilities, it remains rooted in its core values of learning through playing. Guided by the belief that every gift tells a story, Kaiby Box invites you to embark on a journey of discovery and delight, where each moment is cherished, and every memory is celebrated. Join them as they celebrate the magic of parenthood and the joy of giving with Kaiby Box – where love is always in bloom.

To learn more about Kaiby Box’s story and explore its enchanting collection of baby gifts, visit and become part of their ever-growing community.

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