From Zoom to the Stage: How The Radical Agreement Project is Bringing Improv to New Audiences

United States, 21st Jun 2024 – The Radical Agreement Project (RA), an innovative online improv comedy hub, is thrilled to announce its continued growth and adaptation in the rapidly changing landscape of improv comedy. Offering daily free workshops every weekday, affordable multi-session online improv comedy classes, corporate training workshops, and touring comedy shows, RA is at the forefront of a new era in improvisational performance.

The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted the world of improv comedy. Many traditional brick-and-mortar institutions have faced bankruptcy, closure, or changes in ownership. However, the crisis has also sparked a significant transformation, with online improv flourishing as never before. RA has been at the center of this shift, cultivating a vibrant online community that has seen a remarkable change in its demographic composition.

Pre-pandemic, the improv scene was predominantly populated by young male performers aged 20-30. In stark contrast, RA now sees a diverse range of participants, with older women, particularly those aged 55 and above, becoming a prominent presence in its online workshops. This demographic shift has opened new avenues for growth and inclusion within the improv community.

RA Teacher Fran Randall, based in Chattanooga, TN, remarked, “I turned 73 in 2023 and I love the idea of people doing improv at all ages. I was taking in-person classes in Chattanooga prior to Covid. The night we closed, I immediately went online and looked for improv jams on Facebook around the world. I had a delightful time forming some wonderful friendships with regular groups in various countries. When many of them went back to in-person improv, I was sad, and they helped me form my own online group ‘Woman Kind Improv.’”

Fran continued, “I found the Radical Agreement Project on Eventbrite and immediately started going to the free weekday classes and signing up for the series classes. Terry has been a great inspiration to me from the start. And I was very honored to be asked to teach the free classes and then the series classes. I really wanted to share not only the fun of improv but the way it can improve our lives. This is such an awesome group of people.”

To further support and expand this demographic, RA is proud to welcome Faith Leonard, a senior living in Delray Beach, FL, as its first Director of Senior Outreach. In her new role, Faith will lead RA’s efforts to connect with senior audiences, bringing the joy of improv to a wider age group. A key initiative under her leadership is the launch of RA’s first “Improv for Seniors” class this July. Additionally, RA has begun outreach to 55+ and retiree communities to ensure seniors are aware of the daily free workshops available to them.

Said Ms. Leonard, “I never would have discovered improv if it hadn’t been for online improv classes during the pandemic. The Radical Agreement Project became a daily online destination for me, and besides providing valuable classes, it also connected me to a wide-ranging community of beginner improvisers, often senior citizens. I’m delighted now to have this opportunity to share this wonderful art form with other seniors.”

Ms. Leonard added, “The Radical Agreement Project attracts people from all over the world. I have been surprised to build friendships with people in Australia, Russia, Spain, England, Lebanon, and even Canada, in addition to people from all across the United States. All while we played improv comedy games over Zoom. I often joke around about it, but I honestly feel improv has changed my life, and I am so grateful to have found it online through Zoom instead of at a theater.”

Terry Withers, a longtime improviser who used to teach at the famed UCB Theatre in NYC, is proud of his online improv community, “I’ve been amazed at the commitment and talent of our growing online community. I’ve met so many funny people through RA that I never would have met at a traditional improv theater. It’s been a wonderful four years, and I am looking forward to the next four!”

The Radical Agreement Project’s unique operational model sets it apart from other improv platforms. By operating entirely online or on tour (mostly with the cult comedy favorite Paranormal Comedy), RA ensures that anyone, regardless of location, can participate in and benefit from its programs. This approach has proven particularly popular with seniors, who have found a welcoming and engaging community in RA’s daily workshops.

Seniors, or anyone, interested in learning improv online should sign up for their first free class here.

About The Radical Agreement Project: The Radical Agreement Project (RA) is an online improv comedy hub that operates mostly over Zoom. RA offers FREE online improv workshops, M-F every week at 4 PM ET.

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