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Grenadian Authors Raymond Penny and Ron Handson Beggs Join Forces to Launch Island Art Publishers and Design

United States, 3rd Jul 2024, King NewsWireGrenada – Raymond Penny and Ron Handson Beggs, two esteemed Grenadian authors, have come together to establish a groundbreaking new venture named Island Art Publishers and Design. Hailing from the vibrant island of Grenada, where opportunities for creative ventures are limited, the duo aims to create a space that fosters local talent and provides a platform for Caribbean creatives to shine.

Island Art Publishers and Design is dedicated to empowering island culture through captivating storytelling and visually stunning design. With a wealth of experience in publishing books that reflect the essence of island life, Raymond and Ron are committed to curating top-quality publications that showcase the richness of heritage and collaborate with local artists and authors to bring authentic narratives to the forefront.

Their bespoke design services are tailored to elevate brands and projects, ensuring that they encapsulate the true spirit of island living. By emphasizing creativity, craftsmanship, and cultural authenticity, Island Art Publishers and Design positions itself as the premier partner for celebrating and promoting the vibrant spirit of the island community.


“To be the leading catalyst of island creativity and cultural expression recognized globally for our exceptional publications and innovative design solutions. We envision a future where Island Art Publishers and Design serves as a beacon of cultural preservation and promotion, amplifying the voices of local artists and authors while inspiring global audiences with the beauty and diversity of heritage.”


“Our mission at Island Art Publishers and Design is to celebrate and preserve the unique cultural heritage through the power of literature and visual art. We are dedicated to curating and publishing high-quality books that reflect our island community’s authentic stories, traditions, and landscapes. Through collaborative partnerships with local artists and writers, we aim to create impactful publications and bespoke design solutions that enrich our cultural tapestry and inspire creativity and appreciation worldwide.”

Raymond Penny and Ron Handson Beggs invite you to join them on this exciting journey as they embark on a mission to amplify island creativity and cultural expression through their innovative company, Island Art Publishers and Design.

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