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GSA Expands into Global Retail Commerce by Placing K-Brands in Japanese High-End Retailers

Seoul, Korea South, 11th Jul 2024 – GSA, a leading Korean digital marketing agency founded by Johe Hyun, has announced a pioneering new business venture aimed at ‘overseas market development’. This innovative initiative marks a significant expansion of the agency’s services into global retail commerce, specifically through the strategic placement of Korean brands in high-end Japanese retailers.

Korea’s digital media market is dominated by innovative platforms and a tech-savvy population, driving rapid growth and adoption of new digital media trends. As this landscape evolves, the company has consistently positioned itself as a niche agency in the Korean market, specializing in comprehensive digital marketing strategies for global clients. Over the years, GSA has achieved several milestones, including securing annual contracts with all clients, thereby ensuring stable revenue streams and building strong trust relationships. The establishment of an overseas sales department to directly enter the global commerce market has been a game-changer, providing the agency with invaluable sales experience that is integrated into client marketing plans, creating a virtuous cycle of realistic, KPI-driven marketing strategies.

Johe Hyun, CEO and Founder of GSA, commented on this development, stating, “Our move into the Japanese retail market is made out of our commitment to expanding our global reach and offering sophisticated marketing solutions. By placing K-brands in Japan’s high-end retail sector, we are opening new avenues for our clients and setting the stage for further international growth.”

Looking ahead, GSA plans to diversify its client portfolio, which currently includes global pharmaceuticals, sports companies, and K-beauty brands, by incorporating the food and fashion sectors. The agency’s slogan, “Hustle measures input. Pros measure output. We measure how much we get done,” encapsulates its dedication to precision and accuracy in managing clients’ budgets, with a focus on delivering quantifiable results. GSA aims to enhance its communication with global clients, planning and executing marketing strategies not just in Korea, but also in key markets such as Japan, Singapore, and Germany.

GSA’s comprehensive services include planning and executing all-round marketing activities, analyzing results and data to recommend KPI-centered marketing actions, and leading authentic marketing initiatives that directly contribute to sales. The agency boasts extensive experience in digital and offline marketing, making it a versatile partner for clients looking to achieve success in various markets.

Johe Hyun added, “We invite global brands, start-ups, and companies interested in Korean marketing or campaigns to consider GSA as their partner. Our proven track record in local digital marketing across Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, the US, and the UK positions us as the ideal candidate for delivering sophisticated and localized digital marketing strategies.”

As a trusted partner to esteemed clients such as HARIBO, WOONGJIN, MEDIFOAM, BETADINE THROAT SPRAY, GYNO-BETADINE, AROMATICA, 1950 TOOTHPASTE, COLUMBIA SPORTSWEAR, COSMEKITCHEN, and HOTELSCOMBINED, the company continues to navigate the digital landscape, crafting innovative marketing strategies that resonate in the Korean and global markets.

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As passionate creatives and digital pioneers, GSA is a great ally for creating marketing and commerce strategies that combine creativity and technology. Our mission is to achieve global connection with celebrities, and to influence, impact, and change lives in a positive way.

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