How Zachary Bernard, CEO of We Feature You Is Making Visibility Easier for Companies

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Canada, 11th Oct 2022, King NewsWire, Building a strong online presence can be a struggle for companies and brands just starting out in the digital marketing world looking to create their beginnings. There’s social media, owning a website, running a podcast, having your own blog, doing PR, paying for advertising, and more. It can be confusing with so many options.

We Feature You was born to help brands and companies boost their brand visibility, grow their SEO rankings, and get the recognition they deserve. Since it launched, the company has worked with various companies in real estate, mortgage, marketing, recruiting, and other various spaces and has helped its clients take their online branding to the next level by utilizing the power of public relations by getting clients featured in major online media publications sites like Business Insider, Forbes, Bloomberg, and others.

Each brand has its own unique message and appeal, and those differentiators need to be evident in places where the company’s audience gathers online. It’s not enough to post content on social media here and there and expect results and clients knocking on your door to work with you. You need to stand out from the crowd and be everywhere.

A lot of companies will hire SEO firms with the goal of magically getting on page #1 for “Marketing Agency” or “Recruiting Firm” for example, but that’s not how it works. That’s costly, will take months if not years and there’s no guarantee it’ll work out. Why not kill two birds with one stone? 

Public Relations helps you accomplish exactly that, being featured in major media outlets, first, gets you a lot of exposure and visibility. But it also provides credibility, which nowadays is how people buy. They want to see that they’re going to work with an expert. You need to be the clear choice between your competitors. 

Zachary mentioned “People look companies up before deciding to work with them, how is it going to look, if they search you up, don’t find a single piece of information that proves you’re the company for the job? Not good. You NEED to be visible online when people are looking for companies in your industry, and what better way to do this than by getting placed in major online media publication sites that will reach a vast audience + help you with your SEO rankings?”

From this, it’s clear that Zachary Bernard has a keen understanding of the impact being visible online can create for companies and brands. As such, there’s no doubt that his understanding has been instrumental in helping We Feature You attract clients as well as prove to them that they know their stuff when it comes to PR.

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