Hyphened-Nation: A Deep Discussion of American Identity



Hyphened-Nation: Don’t Check the Box” is a deeply personal and intellectual book, an attempt by Nicole Draffen to explore American identity by challenging the ethnic-first labels that have literally defined the social fabric of the United States from long ago.

That aside, the book has met with wide recognition; the book has captured not only the praise of the general public but also prestigious recognition in the form of The Independent Authors Network Book of the Year Award, indieBRAG B.R.A.G. Medallion, and The Wishing Shelf Book Awards, besides garnering the coveted Kirkus “Get it” rating, marking the book as one of significance in contemporary literature.

Draffen called out to the nation, a nation diversely eclectic, to take a second look at those hyphenated identities that it represents with so much pride. She based her argument on her experiences while living abroad, where she duly noted that nationality was not necessarily ethnicity. It is this epiphany that serves as the starting point for her argument against the American tendency to identify oneself with hyphenation, which, more than anything else, serves to draw divisional lines instead of unity.

The interest it has evoked generationally in more ways than one; it has resonated with Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X, cohorts known and recognized for their progressive views on identity and inclusivity. Draffen gives the readers a new prism through which to view the complex weaving of American society, personal, public, historical, and contemporary threads that all of it really is.

Hyphened-Nation” is far from a simple academic discourse; it is a personal journey, an invitation to join a conversation that is basic to all self-definition. Draffen tells her own story, analyzing the culture to gain a new perspective on identity politics in America. She delves into the subtleties of how hyphenation sets up invisible barriers within communities and how these barriers implicate our everyday actions and the advancement of our society.




The relevance of the book spreads beyond mere social commentary to touch the economic and educational spheres, concerns of paramount importance to the young generation focused on equality and opportunity. Draffen gives a blueprint for a society that values its citizens for who they are, not by the categories they fit into.

Spanish: No Marques la Casilla



“Hyphened-Nation” is not just recommended reading; it is an appeal for examination of what it is to be American. It takes the reader on a journey of thought that provokes meaningful discussion and incites introspection. The book will stand as a testament to the power of conversation in shifting perceptions and practices. At its very core, “Hyphened-Nation: Don’t Check the Box” is a contribution to an ongoing discourse that attempts to define identity, belonging, and the very essence of being American.

 It calls readers to join the conversation that will redefine the American narrative for generations to come. With translations in French and Spanish, the book inspires a broader conversation about what it actually means to be American, hyphenated and united at the same time. It calls upon readers to join the dialogue and find out a new story of American identity, which is inclusive and cohesive.

It’s like a beacon in the harbor for everyone swimming in the multicultural ocean of identity. It’s a roadmap that will help one fathom the multilayered contours of belonging in a nation whose very concept of the ‘melting pot’ is being rethought and redefined. “Hyphened-Nation” gives a vision of America where the hyphen is no longer a symbol of separation but a bridge that connects diverse narratives. Now, as identity becomes increasingly fluid, Draffen’s book is a timely and necessary addition to the national conversation. It forces readers to consider the implications of labels we take on and how they shape our understanding of who we are and who others are.

“Hyphened-Nation: Don’t Check the Box” is a movement toward a more inclusive and holistic understanding of identity. This is a call to an open and honest conversation that could bring a new tapestry of American identity, enriched by diversity and united by collective aspiration.

Engaging in this conversation will help readers create and find the new, unfolding story of what it really means to belong to the nation called America. All in all, Nicole Draffen’s “Hyphened-Nation” is an indispensable read for a person willing to dig deeper and understand the intricate dimensions of American identity. It is the one that provokes but, at the same time, educates, offering an avenue for a more united and understanding society. And it does all that as the book garners more and more recognition and awards, the seminal piece in the identity and belonging discussion that has taken hold in this new world.


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