IamFuture launches the new facility of Rollerskating in the GameFi environment.

Metarollers is a skill-based and creativity-based game for mobile platforms developed by IamFuture Digital Holding. It is launched as a unique tribute to the Rollerskating community worldwide in the partnership with the world famous athlete and creator Rollerouge. Recently, it has launched a new facility for Rollerskating in the Web3 GameFi Environment.

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands The, 22nd Jul 2022, The Web 3 multifunctional platform Metarollers offers its specialty in socializing and performing digital sports in an open, engaging virtual environment with social and commercial elements, which is growing and progressing. In the recent development, the latest merge of gaming, mainly perform to earn concept, with the finance, is actively developed by the IamFuture global digital team. The decentralized finance created a new environment for the financial services offering, which the IamFuture actively implements in their game environment idea Metarollers. 

There are five global cities where players meet, connect, experience adventures, skate, perform tricks and find various valuable rewards: NYC, Rome, Singapore, Dubai, and Monaco. Each city is presented by the top famous landmarks, characteristic views, local environment, and unique sound set as if de facto clients suddenly find themselves there and enjoy the city tour on the skates. The environment is joyful and full of unexpected fun and surprises. 

Moreover, people can suddenly bump into bright and intense Rollerouge, skating around the 102 floors of Singapore Highrise and making some reels. In the Metarollers environment, tournaments and contests with real prizes are organized daily. The project looks extensive and engaging. The founder, Maya Bernaia, who is behind the ecosystem, does not tend to narrow the project’s future just by the game. 

Metarollers are more significant than just another little game on the phone consumers. The team is creating and developing an excellent and unique platform for fun and entertainment. Still, it also represents the invitation to join the intense and multipurpose IamFuture financial infrastructure to empower community decisions. It is a proposal to evolve and become part of the beneficial and innovative ecosystem, where there is a place for many smart initiatives. The domestically issued Ethereum blockchain token “Future” ensures compatibility with the wide specter of Ethereum-based products and provides:

– Online transactions and bridging to crypto and fiat facility,

– Local market currency futures,

– Staking opportunity,

– Voting campaigns and group investment options through the self-government unit,

– Treasury function of security verification ap,

– Transaction validation function inside the ecosystem.

“The main purpose of creating whatever is to add social value,” – says Maya, – “We provide the joy of skating around and approaching life as a huge opportunity to create, to enjoy and to improve.”

For the Rollerskating community, Rollerskating is an outlet to a seemingly endless power source. It is a door to freedom of self-expression through movement. The platform yields many styles of Skating, various Jam/dance techniques, artistic, park, and even a pair of E-skates [electronic skates], so it’s only fitting that people will take the next step and roll into the metaverse. To be able to skate virtually is a very intriguing and innovative concept that excites people to watch come to life. To promote this concept Maya made a partnership with Rollerouge, famous Canadian athlete who already opened the door to the freedom of self-expression through movement. Rollerouge says: “rollerskating has given me confidence, helped me rebrand myself, and through it I’ve gotten so many amazing opportunities to meet new people and see new places. So it’s only right that I take the next step and roll into the metaverse. To be able to skate virtually is a very intriguing and innovative concept that I’m excited to watch come to life. I’m so happy to see something I love in real life, being transferred over to a digital space. It signifies growth and rebirth of something that many people mistakenly believe is from a bygone era”. 

In the gaming realm, nothing is impossible, and a game is only limited by the limit of the imagination of its creators. With each dev update, clients grow more and more excited to get the chance to enter the Metarollers space finally. 

Intending users and determinde rollerskaters must visit the following links to avail of the services:

Website | Maya Bernaia  Discord

Media Contact

Organization: Prime Future BV, Trade Name: IamFuture

Contact Person: Maya Bernaia

Email: Send Email

Phone: +31 6 25 16 06 19

State: North Holland

City: Amsterdam

Country: Netherlands The


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