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Independent Digital Book Lovers Community Offers Unique Pipeline To More Than A Million Engaged Literary Enthusiasts

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Bookstr, a prominent digital book lovers’ network, is now providing access to its vibrant online community through special sponsored packages. With a monthly reach of over a million avid readers, Bookstr focuses on serving underserved demographics such as Millennials and Gen Zers. The community offers diverse content and viral engagement, including popular series like “Three to Read” and “Bookstr Trivia,” garnering two million monthly interactions. In addition to sponsored articles, Bookstr extends offerings to partners, including content strategy, social media consulting, brand-specific giveaways, and more. Leveraging its experience managing an active book lovers’ community, Bookstr aims to provide partners with custom pipelines to their desired audience.For more information, visit:

Bookstr, one of the world’s largest independently-owned digital book lovers networks serving more than a million people monthly, is now opening up access to its vibrant online community through special sponsored offerings. Bookstr also offers outside partners strategic consulting services to help turbocharge their reach.

“Bookstr has been a grassroots movement since its inception, and today we’re sustainably reaching millions of people through our viral content that is squarely aimed at the underserved demographic of book lovers, especially Millennials and Gen Zers,” said Scott Richmond, CEO of Bookstr. “We are excited to offer direct access to our growing user base through packages that make sense for strategic partners interested in tapping into an engaged and excited audience. We are confident that our services will deliver new and exciting ways for authors and publishers to reach book lovers.”

Bookstr (pronounced book-stir) is a multi-platform community, meaning that it reaches book lovers through a variety of social media networks in addition to its website. The brand’s Facebook page continues to be a hive of activity month after month. The page hosts its exclusive content, where users are introduced to authors and books that they may not be familiar with currently.

Original and diverse content by Bookstr includes the weekly series “Three to Read,” “Bookstr Trivia,” “Crazy Book Genres,” and “Bookstr News,” all of which garner two million engagements a month. enjoys more than a million hits a month and is designed from the ground up for enthralled readers who want to connect with content that resonates with them.

“In today’s saturated world of online content, we have continuously defied gravity and encountered a great deal of success serving the ‘bookish’ community,” said Richmond. “First and foremost, we are a brand that focuses on the power of storytelling through books and how literature is a healing journey that creates empathy and understanding and can be a healthy escape from the omnipresent digital world. Today, I’m excited to leverage our audience to outside partners and offer them a custom pipeline to the user base they seek to target.”

Bookstr’s offerings for outside partners go far beyond sponsored articles, including social media consulting, content strategy and creation, brand-specific giveaways, livestream interviews, website redesigns and optimization, email campaigns and marketing, and graphic design.

“Digital marketing has become increasingly complicated as user behavior is constantly in flux,” Richmond continued. “We wholeheartedly believe that our experience and know-how managing a dynamic and vibrant community of book lovers, along with our content, social media, and digital expertise, can be leveraged by a wide variety of outside partners.”

To learn more about Bookstr and its unique value proposition for sponsored content, strategic consulting, and much more, visit our website at:

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