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Influencer Marketing Gives Hopes To Brands In Recession Says IMAI Owner Eran Nizri

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Economists have been warning the world about the recession ever since Ukraine. But as the world moves towards a phase of economic slowdown, influencer marketing gives hope to brands, according to Eran Nizri, the owner of best influencer marketing platform IMAI.

Consumer spending is slowing as inflation rises and the recession seems imminent. But how brands would respond to the changing consumer behavior and the financial difficulties of working in a recession is a thing to be seen. Eran Nizri gives three reasons to why influencer marketing will remain a crucial channel in 2023.


1. Influencers will become key assets in the recession

Brands will continue to spend on marketing but will become more cautious in 2023.

The continued spending on advertising is what makes influencer marketing a reliable tool during the downturn. It not only promises a high return but also offers a great source of organic traffic, says the founder of a leading influencer marketing platform, IMAI.

Also, user-generated content can be repurposed for other social media channels including LinkedIn and Twitter. “Brands see influencer marketing as a way to leverage and get results for a fraction of the cost of other channels,” says the IMAI owner. “That’s why we don’t expect the effects of the recession. If anything, we expect brands to double down on spending for this year.”


2. People trust creators

People will turn to influencers they trust for brands with their money during difficult times of economic slowdown. “Brands need authentic content as simply posing with a brand and uttering some facts about the product won’t make any impact on the targeted audiences”, said the owner of the best influencer marketing platform.

Finding products that truly stand out from the crowd becomes more valuable as people look for ways to save money while buying essential commodities. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that trust becomes even more important during difficult times of financial constraints.


3. Influencers can connect with audiences

Thanks to the rise of short-form video, social media trends will continue to dominate digital media, and influencer marketing campaigns will lead digital marketing in the coming year. TikTok videos are a good example of short videos. TikTokers are doing a great job as influencers. They produce short and crisp videos for their followers. They also promote brands with their content. “People like short videos because they are straightforward and they don’t consume much time”, said the owner of the leading influencer marketing platform.

“These influencers aren’t Kardashians, but humble content creators belonging to various professions. They are fitness trainers, beauty experts, fashion icons, foodies, travelers, and technology experts. They produce interesting content on different topics related to their fields”, the IMAI owner maintained.

Eran Nizri concluded his findings with calling all brands to join the best influencer marketing platform. It is the only way forward for brands and businesses who want to continue spending money on digital marketing. The economic slowdown looks imminent but the brands will continue to invest in influencer marketing because only influencers can give desired results in the shortest time and at a pocket-friendly price.

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