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Jessica Weaver Unveils “Financial Trendsetters” – A Game-Changing Book Celebrating Women in Finance

Chester, England, United Kingdom, 24th Feb 2024 – Renowned TV show host, best-selling author, and founder of Women’s Wealth Boutique, Jessica Weaver, is set to revolutionize the role of women in building wealth with her latest book, “Financial Trendsetters.” Scheduled for launch on 2/22/24, this groundbreaking publication narrates the inspiring journeys of 15 exceptional women who have challenged norms, shattered barriers, and redefined success in the finance industry.

Over the years, Jessica Weaver has solidified her position as a trailblazer in the financial sector, having authored, co-authored, and published five books. “Financial Trendsetters” is a collaborative effort that brings together 14 fierce females in the financial industry, each contributing their unique perspectives, money strategies, and expertise. The impressive lineup includes Donna Cates, Jaime Cowper, Teri DiGrande, Siedah Garrett-Guess, Karmen Gearhart, Nora Gillis, Camille Ledda, Leslie Lipscomb, Jill Phillips, Cameo Roberson, Veronica Rodgers, Amanda Stilwell, Caroline Tanis, and Holleigh Urbanik.

With the launch of the book, Jessica Weaver is not only celebrating the accomplishments of these women but also channeling the proceeds towards scholarship opportunities aimed at increasing female representation in the financial industry. Recognizing the persistent gender gap, particularly in financial advisory roles where women make up only 18 percent, Jessica is committed to addressing the financial literacy and pay gap through impactful initiatives.
To further support this cause, a fundraising Gala is scheduled for May 2nd, where additional funds will be raised to empower more women to enter the financial sector. The goal is to break the stagnation observed in the industry’s gender demographics over the past two decades.
At the Women’s Wealth Boutique and their nationwide community, Jessica and her team provide comprehensive assistance to women, their businesses, and families in building, protecting, and growing wealth. The female-focused financial firm offers individual financial planning, business planning and development, events, online courses, and group trainings, with a roster of specialty advisors covering various aspects of wealth.

Reflecting on her journey, Jessica Weaver, also known as Not Your Father’s Advisor, shared her experience as a female in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Over a decade ago, she took a bold stance to find her voice and redefine the role of a financial advisor. Today, the Women’s Wealth Boutique stands as the fastest-growing women-owned financial firm in the United States.
The week of 2/22/24 marks the official launch of “Financial Trendsetters,” an event eagerly anticipated by those seeking to be part of the transformative narrative in the finance industry. Join Jessica Weaver and her team in rewriting the financial story, celebrating strength, wisdom, and the limitless potential of women in finance.

About Women’s Wealth Boutique
Founded by Jessica Weaver, Women’s Wealth Boutique is the fastest-growing women-owned financial firm in the United States. Specializing in individual and business financial planning, events, online courses, and group trainings, the firm is dedicated to empowering women to build, protect, and grow wealth. Through a multi-media and branding approach, Women’s Wealth Boutique provides a transformative experience for women seeking financial independence and success. Join the movement to create your Money Empire.


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