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China, 3rd Nov 2022, King NewsWire – J&Y Technology Co., Ltd. is a High-Tech manufacturer specializing in the manufacture, re-search, development and sales of Ni-MH, Lithium-ion, Lithium polymer and LiFePO4 rechargeable batteries. The company started its manufacturing journey in 2011 in Huizhou, a city adjacent to Shenzhen and one of the important cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. However, with hard work, consistency in delivering the best quality batteries, with efforts and expertise of highly technical team with the years of dedication J&Y Technology Co., Ltd is now become of the best known market leader among China as well as all over the world, who are dealing in high tech Ni-MH, Lithium polymer and Lifepo4 rechargeable batteries. Their batteries are used in the numerous of purposes including,

  • Outdoor energy storage system
  • Light vehicle battery
  • Robot Vacuum cleaner battery
  • Smart household appliances battery
  • RC toy RC hobby battery
  • Power tool battery
  • Emergency light battery

Why J&Y Technology Co., Ltd? 

“Because we are about more than reliable power. We are about taking care of you no matter what and constantly earning your trust.”

J&Y Technology Co., Ltd always comes with a vision to provide the most advanced technological batteries that are most compatible with your appliances, electric vehicles and all your indoor outdoor uses. The most common only used batteries of J&Y Technology Co., Ltd are, 18650 lithium ion batteries,

12 volt lithium ion batteriesrechargeable remote control toy car and there is lot of stock of different types of batteries those are beneficial for your everyday use either you are going for a family trip and picnic, on hiking track or there is any household use J&Y Technology Co., Ltd batteries are always become the first choice of every battery user. 

24v Battery for Electric Bicycle

24v battery for electric bicycle is manufactured keeping in view all the advancement needs of today’s world, where your bicycle is electrically operated therefore you need a strong energy back up for this purpose and this 24v battery for electric bicycle can’t be replaced with any power back up because of its power manufacturing and strong lithium coating. This battery provides you electric bicycle a the energy it want while you are riding on the straight road or hiking on the hills it will never regret you and always save your time and efforts.

J&Y Technology Co., Ltd batteries stock is not limited there is more than you can think on the website just visit and select your battery according to your need.


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