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KBrown Lankan functions as a bodyguard that protects today’s stars and tomorrow’s future.

KBrown’s the CEO of K’ Lankan develops a bodyguard company that is determined to protect the celebrities and stars of present and future.

London, United Kingdom, 13th Jun 2022, King NewsWire, Hailing from the gully streets of London, KBrown Lankan never had it easy growing up. Crime was rampant in his area, and sadly he fell victim to being involved in criminal activity at a young age. However, he turned this around after being released from his stint in jail and now owns a private security company that handles protection services for A-list celebrities, high-ranking politicians, and the elite.

Entry to the Bodyguarding profession

He first got into Bodyguarding after he left jail. He first got into it by completing an SIA course. It’s a course everyone in the UK must meet if they want to work the doors at bars & clubs. It cost around £400; however, he looked at it as an investment. He spent that money and never looked back since. He first started working the doors in bars and clubs around London, and from there, He began to use the network that KBrown created for himself while incarnated to help him set up his own company SUPREMEE GROUP UK. Now they offer a wide range of services, from Bodyguarding to secure transportation & even private chauffeur service. They deliver it all.

The most famous clients of KBrown

KBrown has worked with many famous clients. Burna Boy, Sterling, Lil TJay, J Cole, Sidhu Moosewala & former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to name a few. However, the most famous client he would have to say would have to be the police themselves. He has worked with the best of the best, from rappers like Polo G to classified presidential candidates. However, it’s funny to work in collaboration with the Metropolitan Police in the UK as he looks back and sees how far his life has come. He went from being in a cell and them having authority over him to him now having control over them when it comes to his contracted work. It’s an insane thing to think about sometimes.

Advice to novice bodyguards

He would recommend everyone first work doors at bars and nightclubs and get their SIA badge. Have a feel for the environment they work in. Different clubs & bars require another type of bouncer. Making sure to network with who they know is key to their success. Make their way up to head doorman and stack up years of experience. Then, once they think they are ready, they start their own company.

Interested users who want to hire KBrown’s CEO K’ Lankan for his services, Contact him on Instagram today for any of your personal security needs.

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