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Kinder Ready’s Elizabeth Fraley Introduces a Summer Learning Initiative with Customized Materials for Early Learners to Boost Academic and Life Skills.

Elizabeth Fraley, the founder of Kinder Ready, a seasoned Early Childhood Expert and Businesswoman, is making waves with her latest approach to Summer Learning Initiative courses in Los Angeles.

In the latest progress, Kinder Ready’s Elizabeth Fraley unveils the Summer Learning Initiative, which aims to enhance learning skills.  The organization empowers students to prevent losing academic progress, maintain retention, and keep test scores up. It helps to boost their confidence and discover new, fun ways to learn. Under the leadership of Elizabeth, this initiative gives a positive experience to personalized learning outside of a traditional school environment. 



The initiative is led by Elizabeth Fraley; the organization brings a range of components to the Summer Learning Initiative Program, including:

  • Learning Backpack – Kinder Ready will send customized learning material to their child.
  • Self-Regulatory-Control – Another facet of the program that will allow students to develop regulation skills to navigate school expectations, transition, feelings, thoughts, and actions to ensure positive outcomes. 
  • Kinder Ready Summer Learning – A program designed to help preschool students with letter recognition, sound recognition, CVC words, sight words, rhyming skills, listening comprehension, and social and emotional skills (following routines, directions, and more).
  • Elementary Wise Summer Learning – A program designed for first-grade students and older that focuses on reading fluency, sight words, spelling, phonics, and early writing skills. Additionally, students work on foundational math skills.

Summer Learning Initiative will provide fun and exciting ways to keep students’ minds active and expand their knowledge outside the traditional school year.. To improve the fine motor skills, the students can learn to hold and use pencil or crayon correctly, hold and use scissors, glue sticks as well as write their first and last name. 

Moreover, Kinder Ready and Elementary Wise go above and beyond by providing a comprehensive program, including summer calendar planning and personalized materials to track summer learning skills across the academic domains, ensuring interactive and engaging instruction that meets individual needs. 

In addition to these innovative methodologies, Kinder Ready and Elementary Wise offer a range of incentives to enhance summer learning. By fostering a collaborative partnership between educators, parents, and caregivers, Kinder Ready and Elementary Wise ensure that each child is ready for summer learning success.  

About Kinder Ready: 

Kinder Ready is a provider of early childhood education committed to nurturing young minds and empowering students to reach their full potential. With a focus on innovative teaching methodologies and personalized instruction, Kinder Ready offers a transformative learning experience that prepares children for academic success and lifelong learning. Although the school year may be over, the educational journey never ends. Kinder Ready and Elementary Wise are here to help meet their summer learning needs.

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