Kong Sihk Tong Opens New Location in Flushing, Bringing Authentic Cantonese Cuisine to the Community

Kong Sihk Tong Opens New Location in Flushing, Bringing Authentic Cantonese Cuisine to the Community

Kong Sihk Tong, renowned for its authentic and exquisite Cantonese cuisine, is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its new location in the heart of Flushing. With a commitment to offering traditional flavors and an unparalleled dining experience, Kong Sihk Tong is poised to become a cherished dining destination for both locals and visitors.

A Celebration of Cantonese Culinary Heritage

Kong Sihk Tong has earned its reputation by serving time-honored Cantonese dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients and meticulous attention to detail. The new Flushing location continues this legacy, offering a diverse menu that includes classic dim sum, succulent roasted meats, aromatic seafood dishes, and unique Cantonese desserts, all crafted to delight the most discerning palates.

Introducing the Golden Lava Toast

One of the highlights of Kong Sihk Tong’s menu is the Golden Lava Toast, a dish that has quickly become a favorite among patrons. This indulgent dessert features thick slices of toasted brioche, perfectly golden and crisp on the outside, with a soft, fluffy interior. The toast is generously filled with a luscious, molten custard made from salted egg yolk, butter, and condensed milk, creating a delightful contrast of textures and flavors.


A Menu That Delights All Senses

In addition to the Golden Lava Toast, Kong Sihk Tong’s menu offers a wide array of dishes that showcase the depth and diversity of Cantonese cuisine:
Pasta Creations: Enjoy an assortment of pasta dishes, from spaghetti neapolitan and spaghetti with beef to spaghetti with bacon and truffle.
Noodle Soups: Savor the warmth of hearty noodle soups, including beef brisket, dumpling, and wonton, each brimming with robust flavors and fresh ingredients.
Baked Fried Rice: Dive into the comforting goodness of baked fried rice, featuring varieties like chicken and vegetable, shrimp and beef. 
Gourmet Sandwiches: Discover a variety of sandwiches, from classic club to condensed milk toast.
Breakfast Delights: Start your day with our delectable breakfast menu, offering dishes like spam egg noodle soup and avocado and scrambled egg toast.

A Vibrant and Inviting Atmosphere

The new Kong Sihk Tong restaurant in Flushing features a contemporary yet warm design, reflecting the harmony of traditional and modern elements that define Cantonese culture. The spacious dining area is perfect for family gatherings, business meetings, and casual meals with friends. The welcoming ambiance, combined with attentive service, ensures that every visit to Kong Sihk Tong is memorable.

About Kong Sihk Tong

Kong Sihk Tong is a premier Cantonese restaurant known for its dedication to authenticity, quality, and customer satisfaction. With multiple locations, the restaurant has become a beloved choice for those seeking genuine Cantonese flavors and exceptional service. Each dish at Kong Sihk Tong is a testament to the rich culinary history and vibrant food culture of Cantonese cuisine.
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