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LeoXL Set to Unify Decentralized Finance While Empowering Investors with Aggressive Rewards

Hyper-deflation and passive rewards meet an ambitious list of utilities to unify the crypto space for all stakeholders.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 4th Jun 2022, King NewsWire, LeoXL is gearing up to bring some exciting utilities to the forefront in a bid to unify the scattered pieces of the modern crypto experience and bring a unified point of entry for all stakeholders. To get there, the creators are betting big on putting the interests of investors front and center. The result is a token that the team believes is primed to satisfy the growing appetite of investors for positive returns even in a relatively sideways market.

Multi-faceted investor-centric strategies

At its core, LeoXL is a hyper-deflationary reflection token that aggressively pursues its mission of maximizing the upside for investors. It’s a known fact that many newcomers and even some veterans struggle to maintain their composure in the face of the wild swings of the crypto market. These emerging assets can do double-digit dances in pricing in a matter of days and even hours sometimes. These ups anddowns in price action can lead to spiking anxiety for investors, thus leading to emotionally-driven decisions that can hurt their portfolios.

LeoXL is redefining the crypto investment experience by offering passive rewards to take some pressure off the price action. Out of the 15% transaction fee, 5% is immediately distributed among holders as passive rewards. As such, whether the decentralized finance world is skyrocketing in a bull market or depressed in a bear market, holders of this revolutionary token will always have something positive to look towards.

Furthermore, the creators firmly believe that this token is going to spark a paradigm shift in the investment experience of crypto enthusiasts and newcomers alike. To prove their commitment, they have baked an automated buyback mechanism in the smart contracts of this token. It works by using 4% of all buy and sell orders towards buying back tokens and burning them, which is the practice of sending tokens to an unaccessible wallet. As more tokens are taken out of circulation, the laws of supply and demand dictate that the demand of the token will naturally rise and bring price appreciation with it.

Jampacked with utilities

The mainstream narrative about cryptocurrencies and tokens typically revolves around their application as a modern vehicle of speculation. Many tokens derive their worth through pure speculation by design.LeoXL is set to counter this narrative and challenge the status quo of this new frontier of finance by baking utility and purpose in every aspect of it.

To that end, the team has an ambitious and exciting roadmap. The team’s plans include an in-house decentralized exchange, a wallet application, a centralized exchange, a premier NFT marketplace, a P2E video game, and an ultimate leap into the metaverse. Creators of LeoXL are quietly working on a next-gen blockchain of their own to power all those applications.

By iterating on the most popular offerings in the market and bringing its own brand values into the mix, LeoXL is daring to unify the experience for both newcomers and veterans alike. Like the pieces of a puzzle, the true meaningful impact of decentralized finance is hazy and broken today. By bringing all these scattered pieces together, LeoXL is hoping to catapult this emerging sector of finance into the mainstream.

About LeoXL

LeoXL is a BEP-20 token with a max supply of 500 billion living on the Binance Smart Chain. As a reflection token with hyper-deflationary tokenomics, the token charges a 15% fee on all buy and sell orders. Of that fee, 5% is used to reward token holders, 4% for automated buybacks and burning, and the remaining 6% is invested in a marketing fund to keep the demand for this token in an upwards trajectory.







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