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LevelUp Academy Empowers Personal and Professional Growth with Exciting New Offerings

San Diego, California, United States, 16th Apr 2024 – LevelUp Academy by Doc Leyland, an educational platform dedicated to personal and professional development founded by Dr. Constance Leyland, is thrilled to announce several initiatives aimed at empowering individuals to reach new heights in their careers and personal lives. LevelUp Academy envisions leading the global professional development landscape by revolutionizing the perception and practice of lifelong learning, cultivating a versatile workforce empowered with transferable skills, and forging strategic partnerships to shape the future of thriving in the digital age.

Moreover, the academy’s mission is to empower individuals and organizations worldwide by revolutionizing professional development through the cultivation of transferable skills, fostering a culture of lifelong learning, and forging strategic collaborations to shape the future of success in an evolving global landscape.

To drive this forward, LevelUp Academy is proud to introduce a brand new service – Level Up Magazine and Legacy Creation. As part of this initiative, the academy is excited to announce the publication of its most recent anthology, Beyond Boundaries: Thriving in Life’s Grey Zone. Authored by Dr. Leyland and 26 other co-authors, this anthology reached #1 International Best Seller status in 5 different countries across multiple categories on Amazon within less than 12 hours of its release. 

This achievement underscores the academy’s commitment to fostering creativity, collaboration, and success within its community. Applications are open for those who want to join as authors in the first quarter of 2024 and enjoy additional perks such as a networking call, a live webinar, free airtime on Level Up Circle TV, and marketing on several platforms. 

In a strategic move to broaden its reach and impact, LevelUp Academy is also partnering with The Great Discovery to offer its courses in multiple languages. This partnership will enable the academy to connect with a diverse global audience and provide access to high-quality educational content that transcends linguistic barriers.

Additionally, LevelUp Academy is excited to unveil its Master Classes designed to empower business executives to elevate five crucial aspects of their personal and professional growth. These exclusive classes, priced at 40-50k per person, will provide participants with invaluable insights, strategies, and tools to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve extraordinary success in their respective fields.

As the academy continues to expand its reach and impact, LevelUp Academy is celebrating its achievements and offering sponsorship spots on its YouTube, TV, and radio channels to enhance brand awareness and visibility. The academy welcomes sponsors who share its commitment to adding value to the community and contributing to the growth and success of the platform.

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About LevelUp Academy

Founded by Dr. Leyland, LevelUp Academy is a leading educational platform dedicated to empowering individuals to unlock their full potential. With a comprehensive range of courses, resources, and services, LevelUp Academy offers a transformative learning experience that fosters personal growth, professional development, and lifelong success.

Dr. Leyland’s diverse educational background and extensive career experience serve as the foundation for LevelUp Academy’s innovative approach to education. From publishing best-selling anthologies to hosting dynamic TV shows and podcasts, Dr. Leyland’s commitment to excellence and passion for knowledge dissemination drive LevelUp Academy’s mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals worldwide.


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