Mariya Milovidova – The Emerging name in Art and Fashion

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When it comes to appearances, personality, and aura, art and fashion go hand in hand. Fashion is symbolic, and trend changes are a part that follows along. It allows people to express themselves in a variety of ways. Fashion is a fascinating subject. Fashion changes with time, and while moving into a new age, fashion trends grow with regular effect.

Fashion designing is majorly controlled by cultural norms and has varied over time. It is defined by the creators of the latest and most appealing accessories. Fashion designing involves a set of skills that range from market research and creativity to sketching and fabric selection. As a designer, you should have an artistic and creative personality. A unique sense of colors, tones, and shades and their contrasts and mixtures is a basic requirement when a person steps into the fashion industry. You also have to be able to work with fabric and use textiles in a creative manner. Fashion designers have a good visual imagination and are able to think in three dimensions and put their ideas into designing the garments. One of the finest and emerging names in fashion trends is Mariya Milovidova.

As a rising fashion industry star, Milovidova knows how to add her unique sense of culture and fashion to her apparel collection. She was born on December 7, 1982, in Odesa, Ukraine. She discovered her passion for designing unique clothes at a young age and pursued it as a career, starting with San Jose State University to refine her design skills. During her school times, Milovidova used to be a shy kid. Still, knowing her capabilities, she always embraced her shortcomings. Because of this, she was able to follow her dreams and became a successful fashion designer. Soon after completing her Bachelor’s degree in Art & Textile Design, she stepped into the fashion industry to embark on a journey of fame.

The initial stages were quite challenging for her, but she made it work through persistence, struggle and a keen desire to be an icon in the fashion industry. Initially, she used to do hand-painted collections and later transformed her skills in printing technology and traditional fabric painting techniques. However, Ms. Milovidova didn’t limit herself solely to her venture. She had a fine eye for art and fashion which made her to enter the showbiz industry as well. Ms. Milovidova has worked as a fashion designer for several films, one of which is Gold-In You San Francisco. This is where she decided to bring out her creative mind and sense of fashion and presented it to the whole world. 

She is the founder of Mariya Milovidova Art and Fashion; a brand focused on combining the principles of art and fashion into one and presenting it in a unique way. She has vast expertise in the fashion world and is a member of the San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance (SFFAMA). Milovidova is an artist, a fashion designer, and an entrepreneur. Specializing in one of the kind wearable arts as well as traditional media such as drawing and painting on paper and canvas, she has made herself a fashion icon in the industry. 

She gained immense recognition as a fashion artist and was featured in several renowned events, including New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week, and Chelsea Football Club in London. A Notre Dame silk dress, designed by Mariya Milovidova and printed from Mariya’s original artwork, was the very dress that was featured in the New York Times, as well as in New York and Paris Fashion Weeks. In addition, she has been featured in Elle  Magazine.

Not to mention, much of her work is patented as well. The famous side-laced dress that Milovidova crafted from scratch is one of her patented creations. She also successfully invented an artistic technique that no one had seen before, called the ‘Pearl Art Technique’. It is an artistic technique that is used in art and fashion styling that combines fabric paint on a piece of fabric or canvas to give an illusion of pearls. 

Over the years, Ms. Milovidova has participated in numerous fashion, and art shows all over the Bay Area, including De Young Museum Fashion Exhibit dedicated to Jean Paul Gautier, EcoVVear Fashion Show, and San Francisco Fashion Week. Milovidova has achieved so much in the fashion industry through her hard work and out-of-the-box thinking that the newcomers entering the arena can get inspiration from her artistic journey. Milovidova’s journey is an inspiring tale for beginners who foresee a future in the fashion industry. She has been recognized as one of the most creative and artistic fashion designers of Ukrainian origin. Given her journey, new artists entering the fold of fashion design can look up to her and her work as inspiration.

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