Meet Sahrul Pratamba: Influencer and content creator

Influencer and content creator Sahrul Pratamba talks about inspiration for his career and influencer, as well as being part of the digital era.He has also said that one day he wants to become a famous influencer someday BJ Habibie once said: “Wherever you are, always be the best and give the best that we can give.” This quote applies to Sahrul.

Surabaya, Indonesia, Indonesia, 21st Jun 2024 – Background on Sahrul Pratamba: Sahrul  is a content creator and influencer from Indonesia who is famous for his series of hits with an entertainment nuance.

Meet Sahrul Pratamba: Influencer and content creator

In April 2024, the beginning of his career Sahrul went viral on social media platforms, thanks to the content he uploaded, the video has been viewed more than 132 thousand times.

Inspiration to create content and entertain fans

Regarding the inspiration for creating content, he said, “I was inspired by the world of entertainment, especially with the emergence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, there is increasingly more potential for a creator in this field. My main focus is to create the best content that can make people entertained with the work I create. although we know not everyone likes us.

Future plans

Regarding his future plans, he shared, “I want to become a famous content creator. My goals include creating whatever content I can.

The digital age

Being part of the digital era, when streaming, technology and social media are so rampant, he said, “Being part of the digital era and utilizing existing technology is very beneficial for me.”

“It allows me to connect with the rest of the world. “Social media is a great tool for spotting people with certain potential so that I can freely learn how to be successful by utilizing social media,” he explained.


Regarding his definition of the word success, Fanner commented, “Success certainly comes with hard work. To be a successful person, you must have a strong desire and determination. Not everyone will be successful in life, but don’t forget that success can be achieved with effort. This article will help you understand the meaning of being successful and discuss tips that can lead you to the door to success.”

“Before defining success for yourself, make a list of the successes you have always wanted. “Then take steps to achieve it,” concluded Sahrul Pratamba.

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