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Metamax Latest Developments: Forum Live Streaming, Expanding Independent Intellectual Property Field

Canada, 1st Jan 2024, King NewsWireRecently, Metamax’s traffic business has achieved a remarkable milestone – surpassing 100,000 global users, exceeding the initial set target. What’s even more impressive is that Metamax has successfully attracted over 30 brand partners, including 8 top international brands such as Dior, Chanel, Apple, and Coca-Cola, witnessing the magnificent journey of Metamax expanding its global influence

Alongside this tremendous success, Metamax showcases another step of its forward-looking strategy by further expanding into the realm of independent intellectual property.




Metamax Expansion: Partnering with Twitch to Create an Independent Live Streaming Platform

Twitch, a platform primarily focused on game event live streaming, has recognized the opportunity to reshape the live streaming landscape through collaboration with Metamax. Dan Clancy, the Director of Twitch in the United States, emphasizes the importance of changing the traditional live streaming model by integrating live streaming with rapid social interactions. This approach not only broadens the breadth of live streaming content but also unlocks the potential of monetizing traffic more effectively.

With its established forum base, Metamax has the capability and potential to closely collaborate with Twitch in building its own live streaming platform. By incorporating rapid social interactions into the live streaming platform, it goes beyond content display and becomes a social hub for user gathering and interaction. This initiative enhances user engagement and provides broader opportunities for advertising, gifting, and tipping revenue channels. Users can actively share, comment, and interact within this new social space, driving both the breadth and depth of traffic.

The collaboration between Twitch and Metamax not only brings in a significant influx of fresh traffic but also opens up another channel for monetizing traffic. Through live streaming social accounts, users can monetize their traffic more flexibly and efficiently, giving practical value to the content they create. This partnership introduces new possibilities for traffic monetization, further enriching the interactive experience between users and advertisers.

Significance of Creating the Metamax Live Streaming Platform

As one of the most important means to attract traffic in the era of traffic economy, the live streaming platform will bring new business growth opportunities for Metamax. It not only provides users with a more vivid and real-time interactive experience but also presents opportunities for deeper cooperation with existing partners. The creation of a live streaming platform will strengthen Metamax’s competitiveness in third-party traffic platforms, attracting more traffic and ensuring more stable and sustainable business growth.

If the Metamax forum is considered the first step in building an independent intellectual property trading market, the establishment of the live streaming platform serves as another important milestone in further perfecting Metamax’s independent intellectual property trading market.

Users are the foundation of our traffic products, and we firmly believe that the live streaming platform will bring in massive traffic and users. Our goal is that within the next three years, the traffic generated by our live streaming platform will account for no less than 50% of the total platform traffic.

Live Streaming Platform Profit Sharing: Sharing Benefits with Users to Foster Closer Partnership

In this process, Metamax has decided to only introduce a small number of strategic investors and directly share more benefits with its traffic suppliers. This decision aligns with Metamax’s consistent approach of nurturing traffic suppliers. It not only reflects a high level of trust in users but also creates more opportunities for users to participate in Metamax projects and truly immerse themselves in the traffic production process, enjoying the benefits brought by the era of traffic economy. Metamax will release a small portion of investment and revenue rights, offering users more diverse investment choices. This will greatly enhance the enthusiasm of users and traffic suppliers, fostering a true partnership relationship with Metamax’s traffic suppliers.

Partnering with Metamax to Invest in the Live Streaming Platform: Enjoying Traffic Wealth Appreciation and Meeting Diverse Financial Needs

To meet the demand for users to share in live streaming revenue, Metamax is building a financial management section within the app interface to ensure that Metamax users can invest and enjoy the benefits of live streaming. This initiative aims to provide users with diverse and flexible investment options, further meeting their diverse financial needs. The introduction of financial products will become an important part of Metamax’s comprehensive service offerings, empowering users to achieve wealth appreciation. We plan to implement this functionality on the app platform in the New Year of 2024.

Future Plans

In future development, Metamax will comprehensively promote the construction of forum live streaming and establish it as a new highlight in the digital domain. Through deep collaboration with Twitch, Metamax aims to present users with a more vibrant, diverse, innovative, and unique interactive experience, offering substantial value returns for users and investors.

Metamax is entering a new phase of development, where live streaming and social interactions have become a new trend in the field of traffic economy. We anticipate that the live streaming platform will become a significant driver for Metamax and all its users, bringing in new avenues of income growth. Together with all our friends, we will witness the new chapter of Metamax in the digital domain!



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