Midea America Corp. Introduces the 11QT Two-Zone Air Fryer Oven

Foshan, Guangdong, China, 27th Jun 2024 – Midea America Corp. announces the launch of the Midea 11QT Two-Zone Air Fryer Oven, a versatile and compact appliance designed to transform home cooking. As busy lifestyles demand more efficient cooking solutions, this latest offering from Midea addresses these needs with innovative features and a sleek design.

Dual-Zone Cooking for Versatility

The Midea 11QT Two-Zone Air Fryer Oven is engineered to handle two cooking tasks simultaneously. Featuring a 6QT air fryer basket on top and a 5QT traditional toaster oven below, this design allows for the preparation of a main dish and a side at the same time. The Sync Finish feature coordinates cooking times, ensuring both dishes are ready simultaneously, enhancing mealtime efficiency.

Space-Saving Design

Designed with a vertical alignment, the Midea 11QT Two-Zone Air Fryer Oven occupies only 12.5 inches of counter space. Despite its compact footprint, it offers substantial cooking capacities. The 6QT air fryer basket can roast a whole 6-lb chicken, while the 5QT toaster oven is ideal for a 9-inch pizza. This space-saving design is suitable for kitchens of all sizes, maximizing functionality without compromising space.

Advanced Cooking Technology

The appliance utilizes Rapid Air Circulation technology to cook food quickly and evenly at temperatures up to 450 degrees. This technology reduces cooking times and enhances the texture and flavor of food, making it a preferred choice for those who value both speed and quality in their cooking.

Comprehensive Cooking Programs

With 10 versatile cooking programs, the Midea 11QT Two-Zone Air Fryer Oven caters to a wide range of culinary needs. These programs include air fry, bake, grill, roast, and more, providing flexibility in meal preparation. Additionally, the appliance features Wi-Fi connectivity via the MSmartHome app, enabling remote control and access to voice commands through Alexa or Google Assistant.

Smart Features for Modern Living

The MSmartHome app offers access to over 50 pre-programmed recipes, ensuring precise and confident cooking. The app also provides notifications and allows for voice control, streamlining the cooking process. This integration of smart technology simplifies meal preparation, meeting the needs of today’s busy households.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

The Midea 11QT Two-Zone Air Fryer Oven is designed for easy maintenance. The air fryer basket, oven grill tray, and crisper plate are made from 100% food-grade, high-temperature resistant materials with non-stick coatings. These components are easy to clean, allowing more time to enjoy meals and less time on cleanup.

Availability and Purchasing Information

The Midea 11QT Two-Zone Air Fryer Oven is now available exclusively on and will be available at additional retailers in September. For more information about this product and Midea’s extensive range of home appliances, visit

About Midea America Corp.

Midea America Corp. is part of Midea Group (SZ:000333), a global leader in home appliance manufacturing. With a presence in over 195 countries and a commitment to innovation, Midea strives to improve everyday living with its comprehensive range of products. The company is dedicated to creating solutions that enhance the quality of life for millions of users worldwide.

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