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Groton, Connecticut, United States, 5th Jun 2024 – After two years of extensive research and development, NOWATA™ has earned recognition for its innovative, eco-friendly hygiene solutions. The company’s unique biodegradable soap, which requires no rinsing or wiping, sets it apart from competitors.

NOWATA™ promotes a philosophy of maintaining cleanliness and an active lifestyle while being mindful of the environment. Their products support sustainable and responsible outdoor enjoyment, helping users conserve water and minimize their ecological footprint.

Rus & Yalda, the company’s founders, explain, “We chose the name NOWATA™, inspired by New England’s pronunciation of ‘water’ as ‘wata,’ reflecting our commitment to sustainability and our roots. Our mission is to offer high-quality, naturally derived, biodegradable products that ensure a gentle, effective clean.”

NOWATA™’s plant-based ingredients have received positive feedback worldwide for their alcohol-free, non-sticky properties. The brand is dedicated to avoiding chemicals that harm the environment, supporting a sustainable lifestyle.

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